CircleMe’s 2012 in Review

Dear Circlers,

As we’re nearing the end of 2012, we thought we’d look back at what happened in 2012 as it was a truly important year for us:

Since our private beta launch in October (2011), we kept on working on new features and improvements to finally release CircleMe publicly in March 15th. To add yet a bit more excitement to this launch, we also released our iPhone app! We received a great coverage of the launch, and our app was even featured on the App Store, which was pretty awesome! 🙂

featured on appstore

To celebrate, we started our CircleMe meetups, which took place in London, Milan, Paris and Rome!

CircleMe users at the Rome meet up

As you can see, everyone had a great time

First CircleMe meetup in London

First CircleMe meetup in London

Later on, to celebrate 6 months after our public launch, in September we released this fab infographic about our first half a year. This infographic contained some cool stats about CircleMe’s usage. Did you know that London is the city with highest number of Plants? Also, Food & Drinks is the category most likely to inspire Likes 😉
Check all these cool and quirky facts on the infographic below

However, we didn’t only travel to meet our fab users. We also attended exhibitions and conferences, including Luxembourg, Brescia, London, Istanbul and many more!

AppCircus in Google Campus

CircleMe presenting at AppCircus in Google Campus

Participating at these conferences and competitions brought us some great rewards too. For instance, we were the winners of the AppCircus London, and we were finalists at other events such as the WebIt and TheEuropas (by TechCrunch).

CircleMe wins AppCircus

And how could we forget the first CircleMe ‘Best profile’ competition?  As you might remember, James Cook won with 868 votes, ahead of Marlon who achieved 819 votes. We were very excited to receive James in our London office to pick up his gift.

James, run with your iPad before Javier from CircleMe does! ; - )

James, run with your iPad before Javier from CircleMe does! ; – )

We also started our CircleMe user interviews! We interviewed 7 users so far, and in case you were wondering, our first user to be interviewed was Dick Stoppels

Dick Stoppels

When it comes to our app, we continued to improve it not only by adding cool new features, but also working with third parties to make CircleMe better. For instance, we launched collections of geo-targeted items called “Plant Guides”, such as the ‘best restaurants’ by Cibando. Furthermore we integrated with Songkick to show nearby upcoming concerts.

New Plant Guides

Integration with Cibando to show the ‘best restaurants’ in Italy!

However, at the same time we certainly didn’t stop improving, making it more socialinteresting and easy to use.

So… What’s coming in 2013?

Alongside our fund-raising efforts, required to allow us to continue with our ambitious project, you can expect many things to come to CircleMe in the coming year: CircleMe will continue its efforts to become more social, more interesting and more useful for you.

But that’s not just it! You can also expect CircleMe to learn new languages, and to be used on more platforms. We want 2013 to be the year that puts CircleMe on the map of the world’s largest Social Networks, and we hope you help us get there! 🙂

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