Announcing the winners of the Best Profile Contest

On the 12th of April we announced we were starting the best profile contest, a contest in which you could vote the most inspiring profiles on CircleMe. Well, on April the 30th, the contest came to an end and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve got the top 10 winners who will get some great prizes.

The top user will get a new iPad, the second and third users will get an Apple TV and the rest of the top 10 users will get some fab CircleMe T-Shirts. Wondering who made it to the top 3 places? These are James Cook from the UK, Marlon Alvarado from Guatemala, and Nicolas Lecointre from France!

Below you can find the full top 10 list and the number of votes they received. As you can see, there was a ferocious fight between the top 2 users, with James taking the victory with a difference of only 51 votes!

  1. James, 819 votes
  2. Marlon, 768 votes
  3. Nicolas, 182 votes
  4. Marc, 76 votes
  5. Rodrigo, 57 votes
  6. Karla, 54 votes
  7. Bryan, 38 votes
  8. Allan, 32 votes
  9. Roberto, 28  votes
  10. Dick, 28 votes

From the CircleMe team, we would like to congratulate these top 10 users for their inspiring profiles and we’d like to let them know that we’ll be contacting you shortly to ask for the address where we should send the prizes.

Thanks everyone for participating! We hope you enjoyed the contest and that you are enjoying CircleMe!

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