Introducing the CircleMe iPhone app

We’ve been talking about our new iPhone app on the blog, Twitter and Facebook pages. However, you might be wondering what it looks like, and more importantly, what’s so cool about it 😉 We’re writing this blog entry to introduce you to the CircleMe iPhone app!

The CircleMe app doesn’t only extend the CircleMe experience onto your mobile, but also allows for some pretty cool uses in real life. It also comes with a unique feature called ‘planting’ that we think will change the way you use CircleMe. If you haven’t downlaoded it yet, you can now by clicking below:

Ok, got your iPhones ready? Here we go!

CircleMe app on iOS

First Steps

As you open the CircleMe app, some screens will quickly explain how to use the CircleMe app. Then, you will be able to log in with your account or create a new one if you’re new to CircleMe (and if so, welcome!)

The Activity Feed

Right, ready to start circling? When you arrive at your activity page you will see the CircleMe activities, which is the equivalent of the Activities section on the web version. Here you will see activities related to the things you like, as well as those related to your friends.

CircleMe App – Activity feed


If you want to go to any other section, you simply have to tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner and the Menu will appear:

CircleMe App – Menu

CircleMe Profiles

But you will be wondering how your beautiful CircleMe profile looks like on the iPhone, right? Well, we worked hard to make your profile as beautiful on iPhone as on the web version, and this is how it looks:

CircleMe App – Profile View

Yes, the images can be a bit small and become a bit tough to identify the likes that you (or others) added, which is the reason why we added the possibility to change the view so that it is easier to identify the likes.

CircleMe App – Profile View 2

Taking CircleMe into the real life : – )

Now, imagine what this would allow you to do… You know those times when you’ve been in a bookshop… and in front of sooo many things to chose, you just couldn’t remember what was that book you wanted to buy? Well, now with the CircleMe app, you can just bring up your phone, check your To Do’s, and voila!

Using the CircleMe app in the bookstore

You can obviously use this for many other things such as films, songs, etc. Or on a lazy Sunday where you’re wondering what you could do, you could check the many things you wanted to do when you didn’t have time but that you then added as To Do’s on CircleMe.

CircleMe App – To Do’s

Neat, isn’t it? But there is something we think is even cooler than that: What if you wanted to mark items on a map? Yes, we call it “Planting”.


Why on earth would you want that? Well, you might like pancakes, but what if you had some great pancakes in a cafeteria and you wanted to tell the world about it? You could also leave a comment with the plant such as  “Here you’ll find the best pancakes in London!”. You can think of many ways you could use these “plants”, for instance, you could plant your favorite romantic song on a very romantic spot for your partner to find 😉

iPhone App – Planting

Also, wouldn’t it be cool if you could discover new items as you walk around town? If you like pancakes, wouldn’t it be great if you could be alerted if someone had marked a pancake on the map? Yes, this too is possible with the CircleMe app and the planting feature.

CircleMe App – Explore


But there is more to the CircleMe app: you can find new likes in the explore section, whereas on the web version, you will find the trending, most popular and featured likes.

CircleMe App – Explore

Inviting and finding friends on CircleMe

You will also be able to invite your friends from within the app, by clicking on the ‘Who to Trust’ section.

CircleMe App – Who to Trust

Account Settings and Privacy

Finally, you will be able to modify your account settings as well as your privacy settings from the ‘Account’ section.

CircleMe App – Account settings

We hope you enjoy the CircleMe app and if you have any feedback or questions, as per usual, do not hesitate to let us know! You can comment on this blog or find us on Facebook or Twitter

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