The Activity Page is looking better than ever!

Not long ago we showed you the brand new look for item pages, where shared posts looked great with the new 2-column layout and link previews. We had so much good feedback that we decided to add link previews to the Activity Page as well!

New Item Page Layout

The new item pages that we released last week. Check it out here

Now when you visit you’ll see previews of all the content shared by other CircleMe users on your Likes! Not only does this make the Activity Page look great, but it helps you discover really interesting posts too! So, with even more people seeing your stories, perhaps it’s a good time to start posting news and interesting content related to your likes!

The new Activity Page

The new Activity Page shows previews of interest content on CircleMe

Check out your updated Activity Page here, and have a look at our Facebook and Twitter too while you’re at it : -)

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