2 brand new Plant Guides!

You might remember back in August we introduced a really cool feature to the CircleMe app called Plant Guides. These are collections of plants all related to one subject. Did you miss the announcement? Check the blog post.

We’re now adding two more Plant Guides, bringing the total to five! Previously you could find art masterpieces near you, check out the best boutique shops, and discover amazing restaurants. We wanted to help you discover even more interesting places near you, and so today we’re announcing the Family Fun and Famous Film Locations Plant Guides : -)

New Plant Guides

Plant Guides: Now with more Plant and extra Guides

Family Fun

Weeks ago we asked a question on our Facebook page; what Plant Guides would you like to see added? We weren’t expecting such a great response, and you can check out the results here! The most-requested feature was places that you could take children to. We realized that Mums all over the world would love an interactive map of the best places for family outings, so that’s exactly who we reached out to. We’d like to say a big thank you to Learn With Mummy and all their readers for their help in creating this. You’ll find plenty of places to take the kids out with this Plant Guide!

Family Fun

Famous Film Locations

Open this new Plant Guide, and you’ll be able to see over 150 Plants.  Every one of these is a location where a scene from a movie was filmed! Open up the Plant Guide and you’ll be able to see them all displayed on a map. With this new collection, you can relive some of your favorite movie scenes, right from the CircleMe app!

Famous Film Locations

Checking out the nearest film locations with the new Plant Guide

All you need to do to start using the 2 new Plant Guides is download the app! Follow this link to download the app and start exploring our Plant collections. You can find the new Guides (as well as the less-new ones) under the Plants section of the app, just tap on the star!

We’re looking for content partners to help make CircleMe better. If you’re interested in distributing your content on CircleMe, send us an email at partnerships@circleme.com

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