Guess the profile!

Reach Scores tell you just how influential a user is on CircleMe. We thought we’d use this to make a fun game for you all! Below is some information about 4 CircleMe users. You have to match each user with their Reach Score, can you guess who each Reach Score belongs to?

First up here are the users, as well as some clues to help you out : -)

1. Andrew Neal

‘A student, a screenwriter, a film director, and an imagination that can take you to more places than a long distance car-ride.’

2. Robert Scoble

‘I’m a geek looking for world-changing technology.

I’m now into Startup

3. Emanuele Fumagalli

Emanuele works for CircleMe, so he’s on the site all day long (when he’s not working on the CircleMe app)!

4. Michela Dezzana

Michela Dezzana

Michela’s background image looks tasty!

OK, so now you know the profiles, here are the Reach Scores for you to match up with them.





Need some help? Here are a couple of hints that should help you out : -)

Hint #1: The order of the categories is Places, Movies, Music, Books, Passions, Heroes, Food & Drink, Goods, Other.

Hint #2: Don’t forget that websites come under the ‘Other’ category!

Think you’ve matched up all 4? Comment on the Facebook post or tweet us with your answers! Good luck : -)

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