The new app update brings CircleMe to the iPhone 5!

As soon as we saw the taller screen on the new iPhone we got to work to make sure that the CircleMe app made use of all 4 inches of screen display. Because what’s better than even more of your Likes on one page?

A CircleMe profile on the iPhone

More screen space = More Likes

But not only have we extended the size of the display area in the app, we’ve also given all the graphics a spruce-up  so that the app looks great on your lovely new phone.

Item page on the iPhone 5

Item pages look great too!

Don’t have an iPhone 5? Don’t worry, you can still download the update for your device, as we’ve also added some bug fixes! We hate bugs as much as you do, so let us know if you see any (on CircleMe, that is).

CircleMe also has 2 new brand new Plant Guides for you to check out: Family Fun and Famous Film Locations. You can see these in the Plant menu : -)

Got any questions about the app? Want to know more about what we’re working on? Send us an email at and we’ll help you out. You can take a look at our Facebook and Twitter accounts, where we post the coolest stuff we find on CircleMe!

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