Viva CircleMe (Android) in Italiano!

Federico Fellini, a great Italian director, used to say: “A different language is a different vision of life.” With this in mind, today we are really excited to launch our first version of CircleMe (Android) in Italian. OK sure, feel free to tell us “Bravissimi!” 😉

We release this ‘local’ version of CircleMe after 4 months from our official launch of CircleMe for Android, which was really successful and saw incredible reviews by publishers such as The Guardian (UK) (“Best Android Apps of the Week”) and TheNextWeb (“Best Apps in December 2013”).

We chose Italian as the first language after English, since our company has strong roots in the country, and Italian Circlers are among one of the TOP-5 communities on the platform.

Hence, if Italian is your mother tongue, or if you just simply like and know the Italian language, it’s time to check the app out (as long as your phone language settings are set to “Italian”) and let us know what you think.

Get your app here:

As an Italian would say: “Benvenuti su CircleMe!” and #bewhatyoulike




Our first million (passions)!

Today marks an important milestone for CircleMe: 1 Million passions expressed by our users! We are enthusiastic about it, and want to share with all of you the reason we are so excited.

For each “like” (i.e., new interest or passion) users do on CircleMe, they will get plenty of relevant content and related services delivered to them and specifically related to that interest: concert dates, latest news, audio samples, movie trailers, conversations among users, and much more. Once the “like” connection is established, you get the best experience of content consumption related to that passion.

Thanks to this activity, Circlers get a real benefit from our services, and we continue in our mission to create the most valuable interest-based network in the world.

Let us just send a big THANK YOU to all the Circlers who helped us reach this significant milestone. This first million Likes actually adds up to the many other activities Circlers perform on a daily-basis on the platform, such as conversations, ToDo’s, Plants and the thousands of weekly posts related to any of the million passions available in our database.

If you are up for some new discoveries, check out what we have featuring and trending today on the platform: .

Thanks again, and keep Circling: ‘connecting’ with your passions on the web has never been more real!  #bewhatyoulike

1millionLikes 808x808

Our iPhone app gets a fresh restyling and lots of new content!

A fresh new app is ready for you!

As CircleMe grows, now publishing tens of thousands of news per month on any of your interests and passions in life, we thought it was time for some “freshenin’ up” for our iPhone app. So, as of today, you get our latest and greatest iOS app from the Apple Store, here.

What do you get with this new app?

First of all, a new cool redesign. Having heard all the positive feedback about our Android version (which you can see here), we thought to get also our iPhone app a new clean and ‘sexy’ look. Here below you see a couple of screenshots to get you a flavor of it.

iOS Updates Feedios screen1

iOS Item screen










What more? You get lot more content, on any one of your passions. We publish close to 1000 stories per day, on any interest that you can think of. And for any story you get information, images, comments by users and more (like concert dates, etc.). In addition, now the content we bring to you is displayed in a much nicer visual feed (which we call the Updates Feed). After having released this feature as an ‘alpha’ in January, we got great feedback from you, optimized it, and now it is available to all!

There are several other features and improvements we added to this version, such as: the ability to filter content by multiple categories (e.g., “show me all the content related to Music and Movies”), an improved user-experience in the Inbox and language sections in Settings (as we approach the distribution of news in different languages).

We hope you’ll appreciate this new version, and keep the feedback coming, always!

#bewhatyoulike on iOS

CircleMe app ready for Blackberry Users!

We have been working hard to make CircleMe the best tool to keep people updated on their passions and interests in life. As we grew to more than 1 million passions in the database, and more than 25000 news posted a month, it was time to deliver a good product also to the Blackberry community.

“The basic idea behind the project was to create an interest based network that could suggest the right tips at the right time. Now, after a business meeting, a BlackBerry 10 smartphone user can catch the concert of their favorite singer. Thanks to the geo-localization they can also find out that the movie of the year is premiering next month even when they are traveling to another city,” says Giuseppe D’Antonio, our CEO here at CircleMe. We just launched a few days ago and some users, having tried out the app are already expressing good opinions on the work:”Good port, make native to make it interesting.” and “Nice app and nice service! Finally for Blackberry!”.

Blackberry App News CircleMe

Considering the complexities in developing the app of CircleMe for Android (which brings to the mobile world many features present on the web app), the porting from Android to Blackberry technology has been anything but complicated. We were able to port our Android app within few days to the Blackberry world. 🙂

The CircleMe app for BlackBerry smartphones can be customized through different features that make the profile like a personal, unique magazine. The “To Do” feature, for example, allows users to save topics that they want to learn more about, while the “Plant” feature lets you use geo-localization, add events related to a specific interest and share contents and news on a specific place.

With CircleMe users can connect with people that share the same passions by clicking the icon Trust. The app can also be used to send private messages on a specific topic, to send suggestions and tag people in conversations.

As CircleMe continues to integrate with new content partners, the app is a very good tool to keep up to date with everyone of your interests in life.

Keep your eyes on it as we are always working to introduce new nifty features, such as geo-located notifications and automated calendars with events related to your interests.

You can find CircleMe app also for iOS and Android!
For the web version click on:

Tag to get in touch!

Tagging is now available on CircleMe: now you can engage easily and directly with the users on CircleMe about a specific topic.

It works exactly like you already know: just type ‘@’ followed by the name of the user you want to tag or select it from the drop down list that is shown after you type the first letters. You can do this when you’re posting a story to an item page or you’re commenting to a post.


Tagging on the item page ‘Woody Allen’

The user you have tagged will receive a notification on his/her CircleMe inbox and this will ignite a ‘conversation’ on the item between you and the user/users you’ve tagged.


Conversation shown on the item ‘Woody Allen’


Inbox view – Conversation about ‘Woody Allen’ item

They may also receive (depending on their settings on CircleMe) a notification to their email address so even if they are not connected on CircleMe in that moment, they will be informed about your tagging once they check their email.

We hope that tagging will make it easier for you to get in touch with people sharing your interests and passions. Use CircleMe to get in touch with like minded people: it’s a good way to find interesting people and make friends or involve in a direct way the people you trust in conversations about interests you have in common!

What are you waiting for? Start using tagging today and if you have any doubts get in touch at!


Circlers, ready for your Xmas gift? CircleMe Personal Cards for you.

It’s almost time for the Xmas present, and you know, we’ll never let you down on that!

We already started Christmas treats earlier this month with FREE MUSIC to our best circlers, but we continue to master our creativity to give you, year by year, the most original gift we can think of. Most importantly, we want this treat to be about you.

You have been sharing you passions, reading our content and supporting us with your enthusiasm so we are excited to share with you what we have in mind!

In our ideal world, we all should be what we like and focus our life on what makes us feel good. And yes once you know what makes you feel good you should never forget it and also you should share it with the people you love. So… let’s get to the point. We want to give you the opportunity to introduce yourself through what you like, for the interests you have in your life and let people know that and remember that easily. (It also comes quite handy when someone wants to make you a gift!)

This is why, thanks to a collaboration with the great MOO.COM gang, we came up with the CircleMe Personal Cards. These ‘personal cards’ give you the possibility to introduce yourself to others based on what you like in life, and they look like this:

CircleMe Personal Cards both sides

You can decide what picture to use, write a description of yourself, your contact details and then select at least 13 up to 30 of the CircleMe Likes you want to be shown on the flip side. The process to get your cards is very easy, it takes just 5 minutes and then you will receive the set of your unique 50 CircleMe Personal Cards for free (except for the shipping fees, which vary depending on where you’d like to receive them).

So let’s say they never get your present right. Well, give your CircleMe Personal Card to your friends and hopefully next time they will stay tuned with what you are really interested in 😉 .


Launching CircleMe Curated Items

To all passionate CircleMe users, and to the ones who are starting to become curious about our platform, today we are launching something we are very proud of: Curated Items.

What are curated items? Well, they are simply pages (i.e., specific interests on CircleMe) that any one of you, our Circlers, can decide to curate as an official “curator” of CircleMe. We want to give the chance to any of our users to become the ambassador of a specific interest just because we know that many of you are super-passionate about certain topics. Perhaps you already have a blog about a specific topic, or in life you are just known as the “guru” of a particular field: now, you can share your knowledge and passion also with the entire community of CircleMe.

Becoming a curator is easy and open to anyone: just visit the Curated Items page ( where you can learn the details about the program and where you can then apply for the role of curator for the item (or items – up to 5 per user) that you’d like to manage. If you are selected (and we will do our best to have everyone interested curate at least 1 item), you will be able to curate this items for a minimum period of 3 months, posting relevant and interesting stories and media on its page, and showing the rest of the CircleMe community what you find to be the best content to associate to a specific topic.

We have already several curators signed up, and you will start seeing these “curators” and “curated items” labels across the site. We hope the curators community will grow fast, and we look forward to having our curators interact with each other and represent CircleMe to the rest of the world.

Spotting a curated item ("water" is marked with a golden ribbon)

Spotting a curated item (“water” is marked with a golden ribbon)

We hope this initiative will allow many of you to “live your passions” even more than you do today, and by doing so, helping all our community of users enjoy more CircleMe and the relevant and interesting content it wants to broadcast to the world.

Ready to become ambassador of your passion? Get started by visiting the Curated Items page now!