Free music to our best Circlers!

From today, thanks to a partnership with Kiver, we are treating you to some free music. Yeap, you got it right: free music for our loyal CircleMe users (tell your friends)!

We are giving away thousands of free MP3’s which have been made available on CircleMe to users who either have a good Reach Score (i.e., 30), who help spread the word of CircleMe by having their friends sign-up, or who like exactly the music for which we have the MP3 to download. In these cases, the Circler will see a nice vinyl icon on the right side of the screen (above the feedback button), and that will signal that there is some free music waiting for him/her to be downloaded.

music icons

Free Music icons on CircleMe

Of course, to make many Circlers happy, we need to limit the download to 3 songs each, but hopefully this nice little treat will still make you smile. 😉

We do it to keep up with our promise to serve you always more and better content and services related to your Likes, and also to thank you for being one of our most loyal and active user.

All the details of the program are here:

We truly hope you like this initiative from us, or as we say… that this sounds like ‘music to your Likes’. 😉 And if you like this gift, please help us spread the word: we want the world to know!

free music on circleme

Free Music Promotion on CircleMe

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