Circlers, ready for your Xmas gift? CircleMe Personal Cards for you.

It’s almost time for the Xmas present, and you know, we’ll never let you down on that!

We already started Christmas treats earlier this month with FREE MUSIC to our best circlers, but we continue to master our creativity to give you, year by year, the most original gift we can think of. Most importantly, we want this treat to be about you.

You have been sharing you passions, reading our content and supporting us with your enthusiasm so we are excited to share with you what we have in mind!

In our ideal world, we all should be what we like and focus our life on what makes us feel good. And yes once you know what makes you feel good you should never forget it and also you should share it with the people you love. So… let’s get to the point. We want to give you the opportunity to introduce yourself through what you like, for the interests you have in your life and let people know that and remember that easily. (It also comes quite handy when someone wants to make you a gift!)

This is why, thanks to a collaboration with the great MOO.COM gang, we came up with the CircleMe Personal Cards. These ‘personal cards’ give you the possibility to introduce yourself to others based on what you like in life, and they look like this:

CircleMe Personal Cards both sides

You can decide what picture to use, write a description of yourself, your contact details and then select at least 13 up to 30 of the CircleMe Likes you want to be shown on the flip side. The process to get your cards is very easy, it takes just 5 minutes and then you will receive the set of your unique 50 CircleMe Personal Cards for free (except for the shipping fees, which vary depending on where you’d like to receive them).

So let’s say they never get your present right. Well, give your CircleMe Personal Card to your friends and hopefully next time they will stay tuned with what you are really interested in 😉 .


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