Happy 1st CircleBirthday!

Dear Circlers,

Today is a great day for CircleMe: It’s been 1 year since we launched CircleMe publicly on the 15th of March, 2012! This is a great feat for us, especially considering how difficult it is to create something as innovative as CircleMe that can stand the test of time.

CircleMe's 1st Birthday

CircleMe’s 1st Birthday

It’s been an extraordinary year as you can read in our summary of most notable events for CircleMe and more recently, we were in the Mobile Premier Awards 2013 in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress as one of the top 20 apps in the world!

We wanted to take this chance to thank you for your support with something creative. For this reason, we wanted to share this background image with all our Circlers that you can use in your own desktop: A year of a Galaxy of Likes with CircleMe 🙂 We hope you enjoy it.

CircleMe's Galaxy of Likes

CircleMe’s Galaxy of Likes (click on the image to download it)

Thank you for your support and happy CircleBirthday!  😉

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