Launching CircleMe Curated Items

To all passionate CircleMe users, and to the ones who are starting to become curious about our platform, today we are launching something we are very proud of: Curated Items.

What are curated items? Well, they are simply pages (i.e., specific interests on CircleMe) that any one of you, our Circlers, can decide to curate as an official “curator” of CircleMe. We want to give the chance to any of our users to become the ambassador of a specific interest just because we know that many of you are super-passionate about certain topics. Perhaps you already have a blog about a specific topic, or in life you are just known as the “guru” of a particular field: now, you can share your knowledge and passion also with the entire community of CircleMe.

Becoming a curator is easy and open to anyone: just visit the Curated Items page ( where you can learn the details about the program and where you can then apply for the role of curator for the item (or items – up to 5 per user) that you’d like to manage. If you are selected (and we will do our best to have everyone interested curate at least 1 item), you will be able to curate this items for a minimum period of 3 months, posting relevant and interesting stories and media on its page, and showing the rest of the CircleMe community what you find to be the best content to associate to a specific topic.

We have already several curators signed up, and you will start seeing these “curators” and “curated items” labels across the site. We hope the curators community will grow fast, and we look forward to having our curators interact with each other and represent CircleMe to the rest of the world.

Spotting a curated item ("water" is marked with a golden ribbon)

Spotting a curated item (“water” is marked with a golden ribbon)

We hope this initiative will allow many of you to “live your passions” even more than you do today, and by doing so, helping all our community of users enjoy more CircleMe and the relevant and interesting content it wants to broadcast to the world.

Ready to become ambassador of your passion? Get started by visiting the Curated Items page now!

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