What to do and not to do in the DJ booth

The DJ booth is where the magic is made but sometimes a little bit of horror can be made there as well if you’re not quite sure what it the correct procedure when in that tiny space.

If you’re a budding DJ, there are a few dos and don’ts and we’ve got them run down right here in CircleMe for you.

Don’t ask the security to bring you drinks; Respect the last DJ’s collection and don’t throw his or her stuff on the ground. Don’t play longer than your allotted time. Don’t try to sabotage the next DJ’s set. Don’t diss your fellow DJ’s on social media whether Twitter or Facebook; Introduce yourself properly.

Don’t invite strangers into the booth; Don’t end your set with a strange sounding tune; Know who you are and your place and don’t disrespect the owners or manager’s space; don’t waste time while the other DJ is getting ready to do their set. Do offer words of encouragement to the DJ who will follow.

Music is great and if you follow these tips not only will you have a great set but it will also help you build a great rapport with the other DJs and that will go a long way long after the set ends.


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