CircleMe integrates with Spotify

On CircleMe there are now over 90,000 pages on music legends, rock bands, genres and singers. Any music interest that you can think of (from Lady Gaga to Giuseppe Verdi, from Adele to Pink Floyd, from Freddie Mercury to Dubstep or Hip-Hop) has probably a page on our platform.

From today, for the vast majority of these pages dedicated to Music, we have integrated also the fantastic Spotify service. Here below you can see how the Spotify integration looks like. A vertical card containing a playlist (provided by Spotify API’s) related to the specific music topic.

Spotify card for CircleMe

As you visit any interest page dedicated to Music, you might encounter any of these cards. In that case, to hear some music about that singer, band or genre of music, just click on the PLAY button and enjoy the stream (of course you have to signup to Spotify to use the service, but who wouldn’t want this awesome service, right?!).

Remember also that you can always use also our iTunes(TM) player and click on the button to go purchase the tracks directly on the iTunes Store(TM).

iTunes link from CircleMe

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Time to enjoy some tunes!



A tribute to Claudio Abbado

Claudio Abbado, one of the greatest conductors of all times, has died in Bologna today. He was 80 years old.

Born in Milan on June 26, 1933 he was the son of a violin teacher. The first major recognition came in 1958, when he won the first prize at the Koussevitsky competition in Tanglewood, Massachusetts. After this award, he conducted the New York Philharmonic, the following year he made his debut in Trieste, and in 1960 he conducted for the first time at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where he served as its music director from 1968 to 1986 conducting not only the traditional Italian repertoire but also presenting a contemporary opera each year. He also founded the Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala in 1982.

Claudio Abbado

In 1989 the Berliner Philharmoniker elected him as their chief conductor, to succeed Herbert von Karajan. At the end of his last concert with the Berliner in 2002, the audience threw him four thousand flowers and greeted him with thirty minutes of applauses. Since 2004 he has been the musical and artistic director of the Mozart Orchestra in Bologna.

Claudio Abbado strongly believed in the therapeutic function of music. He was an open-minded innovator in the difficult world of classical music, a real dreamer. An artist we’ll all miss.

R.I.P. Maestro.

CircleMe Team

Bloody Mary painting the town red


Dame Music, the imprint from Bloody Mary has been literally painting the town red lately with a number of tracks getting good reviews and marks.

Anaxander is one such artist on the label who has been earning positive reviews. Bloody Mary has a reputation of her own with house jams and dance floor tracks and she has done likewise with the Dame Music label.

Her latest gig has seen Mary as one half of the live band The Jaydes; Mary’s friend and studio partner Attan is the other half of the duo. The pair recently released the track “Step on Light”, a single on a vinyl EP. The track is melodious with some glimpses of anger.

The Jaydes are a Berlin-based group and their new self-entitled album “The Jaydes” is due in February 2014. The EP will feature nine tracks and works from other artists. The Jaydes were on Showcase in Germany at the Berlin at the Record Loft in October. The duo has started its own Facebook page.

They have also been popping up on charts as they hit The GROOVE-Magazin top selection list for the month of October as well.


New lease on life for Camino del Sol

camino Camino del Sol is to get a new lease on life with a release of the debut album later this month from the French-Belgian trio which first hit the shelves and the airwaves back in 1982.

The album has been described as having a kind of electro-samba beat with some mixed in bossa nova and compared to the sounds of Sade, X-Ray, and Arto Lindsay.

The album had previously been reissued in 2004 on Numero Group and in 2010 while Permanent Vacation also released an expanded, remixed version in 2007.

This version has been newly remastered and is also an extended version on the original label Les Disques Du Crepuscule. It includes bonus cuts and previously unreleased live concert recordings which were recorded during the band’s 1982 tour.

Among the cuts include the band’s debut single “The Boy From Ipanema” which was produced by John Foxx while the concert was recorded alongside Cabaret Voltaire, 23 Skidoo, Tuxedomoon and Pale Fountains.


Daft Punk Innovators

daft_punk (1)
The success of Daft Punk in 2013 continues. The French electronic music band, which has had an amazing year, has been given the Entertainment Innovator award by American publication The Wall Street Journal.

The bands duo -Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo- was presented with the award by Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen and hip hop star Pharrell Williams who collaborated with them on the track “Get Lucky”.

Bundchen appeared on the cover of the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator issue alongside Daft Punk.

The pair released their first album – “Random Access Memories” in almost a decade earlier this year. Along with Pharrell, the band also collaborated with Nile Rodgers, Todd Edwards and Giorgio Moroder on the EP which reached platinum in six different countries. It was also UK Amazon’s best selling vinyl album of all time.

“Get Lucky” sold around 3 million copies in the USA and more than 1 million in the UK.

Daft Punk gained popularity in their homeland of France in the 1990s before they released their first album – 2005’s “Human After All”.


Brawther stars a new label

Brawther and Tristan Da Cunha have extended their reach into production by starting a new label and production outfit. The new project is entitled Dungeon Meat.

Frenchman Brawther, helped to start the Secretsundaze label and has also worked with such tracks as My Love Is Underground and Balance. He has worked under the monikers Izmo and Paris Underground Tracks.

The Leeds, England based Tristan Da Cunha was once an A and R manager 20:20 Vision.The pair previously teamed up earlier this year for a single under the Dungeon Meat title.

Their first EP, “Hold Back” will be released on Monday. It is being billed to Blunt Instruments. The EP is being compared to “the skippy, ’90s-influence house the two are known for.”

The track listing includes the on the A side Hold Back and on the flip side Losing Control, and Dark Chamber.


James Murphy prepares for London tour

Electronic musician James Murphy and the 2ManyDJs will be doing a two night tour of London, England with the Despacio project.

The New Jersey-born Murphy is co-founder of the DFA Records label and had his first single project in 2002 with the single “Losing My Edge”. His first album was released in 2005 and was entitled James Murphy.

Despacio, which is Spanish for “my space” has been described as a “one-of-a-kind custom-built sound system” and is a seven 50,000-watt, eleven-foot tall speakers for audio. Despacio will play in the borough of Hammersmith in the ballroom of the Hammersmith Town Hall on December 19 and 20. The project will be strictly on vinyl.

“We need a night here; something that was just a different thing. Let’s have a party, it’ll be regular, let’s build a sound system…,” Murphy said of the idea behind doing the London gig.

Murphy has previously deejayed under the pseudonym Death from Above. He started the LCD Soundsystem in 2001. The sound system is an electronic dance punk band. Music from the band has been on the soundtracks of movies, namely 2009’s Greenburg.


Bigger, Better Zagreb Festival


This year’s Zagreb Music Festival set for tomorrow night in the Croatian capital promises to be so big that the organizers have to change the event to a much larger venue to accommodate the anticipated crowds. The festival will now be held at the Zagrebački Velesajam.

The Electronic Beats magazine hosted live show this year will feature performances from the group EfterklangFritz KalkbrennerDena, and MS MR and regular tickets for the show were sold out weeks in advance.

The organisers of the festival were offering special discounted tickets to fans who were interested in attending the show.

Some highlights expected for the evening include a DENA remix by one of the favourites of the EB FestivalComa; a preview of A/V’s 4AD’s orchestral music stars Efterklang which was sliced from the group’s fourth album Pirimida. The track is entitled “Black Summer”.

Electronic Beats has been hyping the festival all month had have previews of the song on their website.

It’s also possible to listen to a track from “Between The Walls”; a bonus track from Fritz’s latest album, as well as a new MS MR remix.


Fanu ends his musical career

FanuThe Finnish producer Janne Hatula, better known to the electronic music crowd as Fanu is to bring an end to his alter ego at the end of this year when he releases his final album entitled Departure on December 2nd.

Fanu, described as a “man of many beats”, began his dance music career in the 2000s and had tracks on labels such as Ohm Resistance, Subtitles, and Commercial Suicide. He also has his own label known as Lightless Recordings on which this latest and last album will be released. The album will be his fifth.

According to Fanu, he had great difficulty earning money under his musical alter ego and has also struggled to get jobs and earn money. He will start new projects under a new name soon in hopes of better results.

The new album will feature arrange of sounds including drum funk, choppage, down tempo and techno.

The track list includes Drumsö Fuzz, Street Sermon, Hop And Bass, Ranch Dance, To Blessed To Be Stressed, Holograms, Waxcavation, The Unconscious, Dirt, Like This Girl I Once Knew, and Pääteasema.


Secret Boyfriend prepares to release new album


Secret Boyfriend is preparing to release its debut album later this year. The album, entitled “This is Always Where You’ve Lived” will be released in December on the label Blackest Ever Black.

Secret Boyfriend was started by Ryan Martin who founded the North Carolina-based Hot Releases and has been releasing tracks and cassettes as well as 12-inch rhythms since 2009.

This will be the first full-length release since the inception of Secret Boyfriend and the 12-track record will be the most high profile to date.

Among the track listing including the tunes Summer Wheels / Mysterious Fires; Silvering The Wing; Form Me; Flashback; Remarkable Fluids; Beyond The Darkness; Dream Scrape; Glint And Follow You; Have You Heard About This House?; Last Town; Deleted Hill, and the title track This Is Always Where You’ve Lived.
Ryan Martin has been making music for several years now. He staged a launch party for the sound back in 2010. He has studied communications at the University of North Carolina.