Bloody Mary painting the town red


Dame Music, the imprint from Bloody Mary has been literally painting the town red lately with a number of tracks getting good reviews and marks.

Anaxander is one such artist on the label who has been earning positive reviews. Bloody Mary has a reputation of her own with house jams and dance floor tracks and she has done likewise with the Dame Music label.

Her latest gig has seen Mary as one half of the live band The Jaydes; Mary’s friend and studio partner Attan is the other half of the duo. The pair recently released the track “Step on Light”, a single on a vinyl EP. The track is melodious with some glimpses of anger.

The Jaydes are a Berlin-based group and their new self-entitled album “The Jaydes” is due in February 2014. The EP will feature nine tracks and works from other artists. The Jaydes were on Showcase in Germany at the Berlin at the Record Loft in October. The duo has started its own Facebook page.

They have also been popping up on charts as they hit The GROOVE-Magazin top selection list for the month of October as well.


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