Bloody Mary painting the town red


Dame Music, the imprint from Bloody Mary has been literally painting the town red lately with a number of tracks getting good reviews and marks.

Anaxander is one such artist on the label who has been earning positive reviews. Bloody Mary has a reputation of her own with house jams and dance floor tracks and she has done likewise with the Dame Music label.

Her latest gig has seen Mary as one half of the live band The Jaydes; Mary’s friend and studio partner Attan is the other half of the duo. The pair recently released the track “Step on Light”, a single on a vinyl EP. The track is melodious with some glimpses of anger.

The Jaydes are a Berlin-based group and their new self-entitled album “The Jaydes” is due in February 2014. The EP will feature nine tracks and works from other artists. The Jaydes were on Showcase in Germany at the Berlin at the Record Loft in October. The duo has started its own Facebook page.

They have also been popping up on charts as they hit The GROOVE-Magazin top selection list for the month of October as well.


King’s Speech top UK real life film

King George VI was one of the UK’s favourite kings and now the movie about his life is the top British real life film.

The King’s Speech, which won British actor Colin Firth the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2011, has been named the top UK real life film in a poll conducted by American Express.

The film, directed by Tom Hooper, won 28 per cent of the votes.

The 2008 movie The Boys in the Striped Pyjamas which was directed by Mark Herman was the runner up while Steven Spielberg’s 2012 film Lincoln which tells the story of the American president was third.

Mark Zuckerberg’s story The Social Network which told about the emergence of Facebook was also in the running with 127 Hours, the story of a man trapped while mountain climbing was also in the running in fifth.

The poll was conducted at the end of last week’s London Film Festival which had several real life movies making their premiere.

The top ten in that order are 1. The King’s Speech, 2. The Boys in the Striped Pyjamas, 3. Lincoln, 4. The Social Netwrok, 5. 127 Hours, 6. Argo, 7. The Impossible, 8. The Blind Side, 9. Valkyrie, 10. Zero Dark Thirty.


What to do and not to do in the DJ booth

The DJ booth is where the magic is made but sometimes a little bit of horror can be made there as well if you’re not quite sure what it the correct procedure when in that tiny space.

If you’re a budding DJ, there are a few dos and don’ts and we’ve got them run down right here in CircleMe for you.

Don’t ask the security to bring you drinks; Respect the last DJ’s collection and don’t throw his or her stuff on the ground. Don’t play longer than your allotted time. Don’t try to sabotage the next DJ’s set. Don’t diss your fellow DJ’s on social media whether Twitter or Facebook; Introduce yourself properly.

Don’t invite strangers into the booth; Don’t end your set with a strange sounding tune; Know who you are and your place and don’t disrespect the owners or manager’s space; don’t waste time while the other DJ is getting ready to do their set. Do offer words of encouragement to the DJ who will follow.

Music is great and if you follow these tips not only will you have a great set but it will also help you build a great rapport with the other DJs and that will go a long way long after the set ends.


DVS1 talks about Mistress Recordings

DSV1 has launched a new label Mistress Recordings. According to DSV1 the label is an offshoot of HUSH, the label started by Zak Khutoretsky.

HUSH has to date released only one 12-iinch track since 2011 when it was first launched. The label’s Facebook page says it will be dedicated to “house, techno and everything in between.”

According to Khutoretsky: “For those that follow me closely, it will be no surprise that Mistress Recordings’ first release has a housier vibe”. “Mistress 01” is the label’s first release which will come from Borrowed Identity, which has released tracks on labels such as Legendary Sound Research and Traveller Records.

And it seems Khtoretsky wants as much hype for this track as possible. He has promised to issue a free download code for Mistress 01 and a bonus track to anyone who buys the vinyl as well as sends a photo of themselves holding the record.

The other tracks on Mistress 01 include Leave Your Life, Painted Clouds, Step Out, Ruhephase In D-Moll feat. Mechanical Soul Brother, and Leave Your Life (Beat Down Version).