DVS1 talks about Mistress Recordings

DSV1 has launched a new label Mistress Recordings. According to DSV1 the label is an offshoot of HUSH, the label started by Zak Khutoretsky.

HUSH has to date released only one 12-iinch track since 2011 when it was first launched. The label’s Facebook page says it will be dedicated to “house, techno and everything in between.”

According to Khutoretsky: “For those that follow me closely, it will be no surprise that Mistress Recordings’ first release has a housier vibe”. “Mistress 01” is the label’s first release which will come from Borrowed Identity, which has released tracks on labels such as Legendary Sound Research and Traveller Records.

And it seems Khtoretsky wants as much hype for this track as possible. He has promised to issue a free download code for Mistress 01 and a bonus track to anyone who buys the vinyl as well as sends a photo of themselves holding the record.

The other tracks on Mistress 01 include Leave Your Life, Painted Clouds, Step Out, Ruhephase In D-Moll feat. Mechanical Soul Brother, and Leave Your Life (Beat Down Version).


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