Bigger, Better Zagreb Festival


This year’s Zagreb Music Festival set for tomorrow night in the Croatian capital promises to be so big that the organizers have to change the event to a much larger venue to accommodate the anticipated crowds. The festival will now be held at the Zagrebački Velesajam.

The Electronic Beats magazine hosted live show this year will feature performances from the group EfterklangFritz KalkbrennerDena, and MS MR and regular tickets for the show were sold out weeks in advance.

The organisers of the festival were offering special discounted tickets to fans who were interested in attending the show.

Some highlights expected for the evening include a DENA remix by one of the favourites of the EB FestivalComa; a preview of A/V’s 4AD’s orchestral music stars Efterklang which was sliced from the group’s fourth album Pirimida. The track is entitled “Black Summer”.

Electronic Beats has been hyping the festival all month had have previews of the song on their website.

It’s also possible to listen to a track from “Between The Walls”; a bonus track from Fritz’s latest album, as well as a new MS MR remix.


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