Secret Boyfriend prepares to release new album


Secret Boyfriend is preparing to release its debut album later this year. The album, entitled “This is Always Where You’ve Lived” will be released in December on the label Blackest Ever Black.

Secret Boyfriend was started by Ryan Martin who founded the North Carolina-based Hot Releases and has been releasing tracks and cassettes as well as 12-inch rhythms since 2009.

This will be the first full-length release since the inception of Secret Boyfriend and the 12-track record will be the most high profile to date.

Among the track listing including the tunes Summer Wheels / Mysterious Fires; Silvering The Wing; Form Me; Flashback; Remarkable Fluids; Beyond The Darkness; Dream Scrape; Glint And Follow You; Have You Heard About This House?; Last Town; Deleted Hill, and the title track This Is Always Where You’ve Lived.
Ryan Martin has been making music for several years now. He staged a launch party for the sound back in 2010. He has studied communications at the University of North Carolina.


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