Fanu ends his musical career

FanuThe Finnish producer Janne Hatula, better known to the electronic music crowd as Fanu is to bring an end to his alter ego at the end of this year when he releases his final album entitled Departure on December 2nd.

Fanu, described as a “man of many beats”, began his dance music career in the 2000s and had tracks on labels such as Ohm Resistance, Subtitles, and Commercial Suicide. He also has his own label known as Lightless Recordings on which this latest and last album will be released. The album will be his fifth.

According to Fanu, he had great difficulty earning money under his musical alter ego and has also struggled to get jobs and earn money. He will start new projects under a new name soon in hopes of better results.

The new album will feature arrange of sounds including drum funk, choppage, down tempo and techno.

The track list includes Drumsö Fuzz, Street Sermon, Hop And Bass, Ranch Dance, To Blessed To Be Stressed, Holograms, Waxcavation, The Unconscious, Dirt, Like This Girl I Once Knew, and Pääteasema.


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