What to do and not to do in the DJ booth

The DJ booth is where the magic is made but sometimes a little bit of horror can be made there as well if you’re not quite sure what it the correct procedure when in that tiny space.

If you’re a budding DJ, there are a few dos and don’ts and we’ve got them run down right here in CircleMe for you.

Don’t ask the security to bring you drinks; Respect the last DJ’s collection and don’t throw his or her stuff on the ground. Don’t play longer than your allotted time. Don’t try to sabotage the next DJ’s set. Don’t diss your fellow DJ’s on social media whether Twitter or Facebook; Introduce yourself properly.

Don’t invite strangers into the booth; Don’t end your set with a strange sounding tune; Know who you are and your place and don’t disrespect the owners or manager’s space; don’t waste time while the other DJ is getting ready to do their set. Do offer words of encouragement to the DJ who will follow.

Music is great and if you follow these tips not only will you have a great set but it will also help you build a great rapport with the other DJs and that will go a long way long after the set ends.


Lily Allen plans a return to music

British singer Lily Allen is planning a return to music for the first time in four years and on the way she also returned to her maiden name.

Allen, who announced her return by tweeting “I’m coming back, bitches” has changed her Twitter handle from Cooper to Allen.

A year ago 28-year-old Allen changed her professional name to Lily Rose Cooper and now she says the new album will be released under her maiden name.

Allen made an appearance on Pink’s single True Love but her own last single was “Who’d Have Known” released in 2009.

Allen retired from music in September 2010 not long after he second studio album “It’s Not Me, It’s You” which won both praise and commercial success.

Her retirement was post a performance at Wembley Stadium.

She has ventured into a clothing store Lucy in Disguise and a Sony-backed label, In The Name Of as well as married Sam Cooper and gave birth to daughters Ethel Mary and Marnie Rose since retiring.

The new single may be released next March or April with the album to follow. Allen made a live performance in February at Paris Fashion Week during Etam’s Girls Only! Lingerie Show.


You can now invite your Twitter friends on CircleMe!

Back in March we asked you on our Facebook page how you preferred to invite your friends to join you on new sites like CircleMe. Well, Twitter was the second most popular result just behind invites via Facebook and ahead of invites via email.

Result of CircleMe Poll on how to invite friends

Well, that’s right! Although just days ago we released the option to find and invite  your Yahoo! Mail contacts on CircleMe, we’ve worked hard on it and from today, you can also invite your Twitter friends to join CircleMe!

Finding Twitter friends on CircleMe

To find this new option, you simply have to go to the “Find people” page. Once you click on Find friends for Twitter, you’ll see a screen where you can select the contacts you want to send the invite to.

Selecting Twitter friends on CircleMe

Once you select the friends you want to add, then you simply have to click on Add. Then you’ll be requested access from Twitter for our Twitter app to send the invites… and voilà! You’ve sent the invites to your friends!

We hope you find this useful! And if there is a service that you think we should add to CircleMe to find and invite new friends, do not hesitate to let us know!