Nope, CircleMe is not really a social network! [Or not ‘just’ that]


lupo-circleme-1Wait, let’s make this clear from the beginning: it’s not that we dislike social networks (on the contrary, we love them!), but CircleMe is not properly defined as one, even though often people think of us first and foremost as [yet another] social network on the market. Sure, we have some nice social network features, which are always important in a digital platform today… but we are something else. Frankly, we are more than that!

CircleMe was architectured in such a way to provide significant value to a user even if she/he would choose to be ‘alone’ on the platform. We are certainly aware of the increasingly popular ‘social needs’ of the digital age, and yet we know that keeping some time for yourself is also a very precious thing for our wellbeing.

Let’s face it, from time to time, some moments alone can be pretty enjoyable… like the beautiful ‘pet’ in the image above is proudly showing us. 😉

Sure, CircleMe has some very nifty features related to connecting users on the platform and enabling you to stay in touch with such Circlers, who now are in the hundreds of thousands all around the globe (nope, not millions yet!). The connecting feature we introduced (i.e., the “Trust” button) was done to increase the potential for accessing interesting and relevant content, as you gradually start relying on other people to scout good content for you. This is what is called “social recommendation” or sometimes “social filtering“, and it’s something we like as a concept and certainly continue to invest on.

Furthermore, on CircleMe you can send messages to other Circlers, or even tag people on interesting content you want them to notice (to do that, in a comment area simply start typing with the symbol “@” and then the user’s name you want to tag).

Yet, CircleMe was not born to substitute itself to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat… real kings and queens of social networks. Those networks know how to keep people in touch with one another, and so we let them do the job while we focus on something else! 😉

We created CircleMe with one objective in mind: to make you enjoy the web more and more, by personalizing your digital content experience based on your unique interest profile (i.e., a personal magazine, a personal calendar, a personal map, and so on…). Hence, either you use CircleMe while connecting and chatting with friends and interesting people, or in total isolation, the purpose remains the same. We want to be your go-to-place for articles, news and any type of content that is relevant for you!

Here below is a little example of what we mean by creating a “personal magazine” for you (or, in this case, for a person who likes LEGO, photography, Science, Surfing, Formula 1, Buddhism and some other particular things ;)).


A sample of CircleMe’s personal magazine look&feel

Based on this bold statement (i.e., “we are not a social network”), the intriguing consequence is the realization that on CircleMe you can get the benefit of the platform even if you never connect with a single user. Yeah, that’s a bit of a twist, we know.

Now, nothing against you ‘trusting‘ some very interesting Circlers on the platform, but so you know, you’ll get its benefits and value even if you want to keep things for yourself.

Now, having made this point clearer… time to explore this digital world, you lone wolf! 😉


New iOS app is launched!

Dear CircleMe users, fans, and curious,
today is a big day: the release of our brand-new iOS app!
Launching CircleMe iOS
Want to create a profile with all the things you truly care and are interested about? Want to get fresh content on any of 1 million interests available on the platform? Create your personal magazine with CircleMe, expressing all your Likes in one place, and getting up to 1000 new articles per day on anything you can think of.
More than this, get our “magicalPersonal Calendar populate with all the events you most likely will be interested in, being related to your interest-profile and the location where you are. 70,000 events are ready for you to discover them!
With 5 years experience on our back, we worked hard to improve the User-Experience which will anyway affect hundreds of thousands of users. If you have the original CircleMe-iOS app on your phone, you will see the gigantic leap we took. We made the exploration of content much easier, and reading an article more pleasant. On top of all this, we added a feature to spot fake news, which is certainly something we really care about.
Here a fun video of our app launch:
We look forward to hearing your feedback on how you find our new iOS app for CircleMe.
Enjoy your interests, always! #bewhatyoulike

Getting a fresh start with Exa Futures

So, there are some big news for us! As of today, the technologies related to CircleMe and its related interest-based network have been acquired by Exa Futures (, a young company still based in the wonderful, fashionable, trendy (and even a bit sexy), Milano. 😉

Schermata 2017-03-14 alle 18.08.18

Exa Futures website homepage

What does this mean for you, our users? Well, probably there will be implications, of course, and we hope you will like them. Exa Futures wants to continue to develop CircleMe so it continues to move towards becoming the world’s best interest-network available on the Internet. To do this though, the focus will need to be on making the company sustainable. Yes, that means we need to make money… but don’t start shaking out of fear! Indeed, the question is natural: how would you make a buck in this world of “free [everything]“?

First: we want to stay away from selling users’ data. Furthermore, we do not like advertising just for the sake of making few bucks with millions of invasive impressions here and there. But we do need to make a living (especially if you want us to keep CircleMe FREE).

Considering this, Exa Futures’ strategy will be to push on the packaging of our nifty technologies so that also other companies will be able to take advantage of AI systems that can “automagically” identify content and categorize it based on 1 or more of the million topics already mapped on our interest-graph.

We hope that Exa Futures will find many strong partners to work with, making good business while providing a great service to you, our Circlers, and in the meantime continuing to map all the Internet’s (good) content, on a single virtual graph.

We are excited about the future coming for us, and we hope you are too! Keep on Circling with us!

Nice to mee… Circle you!

We love when CircleMe becomes the place where our users enjoy conversations about their interests. We thought we could also start this conversation with them ourselves when we first ‘meet’ them, to make signing up less tedious, and more interactive! And so, we created our ‘conversational’ sign-up process.

As Circlers know, we strive to make the most of the latest technologies and keep on improving CircleMe, and we’ve done it yet again: From today, when users join CircleMe, they’ll be greeted by a new sign-up process containing few questions that will help them understand how to best use CircleMe.

And it’s not just good for users… After a few days of testing this new sign-up process (FYI – we have A/B tests running constantly on the site and we determine ‘test-winners’ each week), we’ve seen great results when it comes to business metrics for those new Circlers using the new Sign-up process, multiplying our conversion rate by x2.5. Also, these new users are 63.4% more active than those who do not, a proof that it does a good job when it comes to educating users.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.51.13

Second step of the easy peasy new sign-up process

If you haven’t joined, give it a try! And if you’re already a Circler, why not answering those questions by adding these interests to your profile? These things to add are: A movie they like, something they’d like To-Do such as a book or city to visit, a topic they often read news about, and concerts or events happening near you, which you can find here.

An Android app update blossoms with Spring!


New recommendations section on the CircleMe for Android app

Dear Circlers, as we entered spring our best Android app to date has bloomed and we’re really excited to be telling you about it today:

Download the latest version of the CircleMe app to get a brand new recommendations section. You can use this section if, for instance, you’re at a library looking for a cool new book to read.
Readability of news has been improved, meaning you’ll have a better experience whilst catching up on the latest for your interests. In fact, we’ve even improved the posting and commenting areas so that chatting with other Circlers is easier than and more fun than ever.


Now it’s easier than ever to chat with other Circlers.

We have also added Push Notifications so that you don’t miss on any important news and conversations. And you can manage your preferences for these notifications from the ‘settings’ section.

Finally, we’ve added a series of kick-ass performance improvements, to make circling as fast and smooth as possible. We hope you enjoy this last version and please do keep your feedback coming at support at circleme dot com 🙂

Happy spring Circling!

Never miss an event thanks to CircleMe’s Calendar reminders

With the launch of CircleMe second generation, we brought you the CircleMe Calendar, displaying nearby events related to your interests. Today we’re making it easier than ever not to miss a great event ever again with our Calendar reminders.Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 14.43.17

Once you add interests and your Calendar fills with interesting events, these reminders will start appearing on your Updates Feed as the events approach.

We hope you find this addition useful. Keep an eye out on the blog for more news on how we’re making it easier for you to make the most out of your interests!

In the meantime, why not check what events you’ve got on your Calendar?

Share your own articles on CircleMe with the Post Editor

Do you like writing about the things you’re passionate about? Are you a blogger? If you answer yes to any of these questions, read on!

We help thousands of CircleMe users sharing updates about their interests such as news and event reminders. Now you too can help other Circlers enjoy their interests thanks to the new Post Editor, which allows you to share interesting stories with other like-minded Circlers.

When you start writing a post, you’ll now be able to launch the ‘Post Editor’, which will allow you to edit your post including adding photos, bullet points and more:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.13.43

If you’re feeling inspired, give it a try! Share something about one of your interest. For instance, you could tell us about your favourite hidden spots in your city or your crazy theories on a TV series you love.

You can find some of our handpicked articles written using the post editor here, including an article on opera for children and a review on a concert by music group Lamb, written my members of the CircleMe team.

Leave your mark on CircleMe today!