An Android app update blossoms with Spring!


New recommendations section on the CircleMe for Android app

Dear Circlers, as we entered spring our best Android app to date has bloomed and we’re really excited to be telling you about it today:

Download the latest version of the CircleMe app to get a brand new recommendations section. You can use this section if, for instance, you’re at a library looking for a cool new book to read.
Readability of news has been improved, meaning you’ll have a better experience whilst catching up on the latest for your interests. In fact, we’ve even improved the posting and commenting areas so that chatting with other Circlers is easier than and more fun than ever.


Now it’s easier than ever to chat with other Circlers.

We have also added Push Notifications so that you don’t miss on any important news and conversations. And you can manage your preferences for these notifications from the ‘settings’ section.

Finally, we’ve added a series of kick-ass performance improvements, to make circling as fast and smooth as possible. We hope you enjoy this last version and please do keep your feedback coming at support at circleme dot com 🙂

Happy spring Circling!

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