Nice to mee… Circle you!

We love when CircleMe becomes the place where our users enjoy conversations about their interests. We thought we could also start this conversation with them ourselves when we first ‘meet’ them, to make signing up less tedious, and more interactive! And so, we created our ‘conversational’ sign-up process.

As Circlers know, we strive to make the most of the latest technologies and keep on improving CircleMe, and we’ve done it yet again: From today, when users join CircleMe, they’ll be greeted by a new sign-up process containing few questions that will help them understand how to best use CircleMe.

And it’s not just good for users… After a few days of testing this new sign-up process (FYI – we have A/B tests running constantly on the site and we determine ‘test-winners’ each week), we’ve seen great results when it comes to business metrics for those new Circlers using the new Sign-up process, multiplying our conversion rate by x2.5. Also, these new users are 63.4% more active than those who do not, a proof that it does a good job when it comes to educating users.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.51.13

Second step of the easy peasy new sign-up process

If you haven’t joined, give it a try! And if you’re already a Circler, why not answering those questions by adding these interests to your profile? These things to add are: A movie they like, something they’d like To-Do such as a book or city to visit, a topic they often read news about, and concerts or events happening near you, which you can find here.

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