Getting a fresh start with Exa Futures

So, there are some big news for us! As of today, the technologies related to CircleMe and its related interest-based network have been acquired by Exa Futures (, a young company still based in the wonderful, fashionable, trendy (and even a bit sexy), Milano. 😉

Schermata 2017-03-14 alle 18.08.18

Exa Futures website homepage

What does this mean for you, our users? Well, probably there will be implications, of course, and we hope you will like them. Exa Futures wants to continue to develop CircleMe so it continues to move towards becoming the world’s best interest-network available on the Internet. To do this though, the focus will need to be on making the company sustainable. Yes, that means we need to make money… but don’t start shaking out of fear! Indeed, the question is natural: how would you make a buck in this world of “free [everything]“?

First: we want to stay away from selling users’ data. Furthermore, we do not like advertising just for the sake of making few bucks with millions of invasive impressions here and there. But we do need to make a living (especially if you want us to keep CircleMe FREE).

Considering this, Exa Futures’ strategy will be to push on the packaging of our nifty technologies so that also other companies will be able to take advantage of AI systems that can “automagically” identify content and categorize it based on 1 or more of the million topics already mapped on our interest-graph.

We hope that Exa Futures will find many strong partners to work with, making good business while providing a great service to you, our Circlers, and in the meantime continuing to map all the Internet’s (good) content, on a single virtual graph.

We are excited about the future coming for us, and we hope you are too! Keep on Circling with us!

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