We welcome brilliant projects to use the CircleMe API!

Makers, Developers, Dreamers… Make something amazing with the CircleMe API!

At CircleMe we’ve always strived to help users make the most of their interests and today we’re taking a big step forward opening the CircleMe API.

Opening our API we aim to create an ecosystem around the interests of thousands of Circlers. For instance, a news website could personalize the information it displays according to users’ interests, which will benefit CircleMe users as well as the website.


If you think you can make your project better using CircleMe’s API, we want to hear from you! You can find all the details about our API here and also contact us at partnerships [at] circleme [dot] com to express your interest or ask any questions you might have. This is an early release and partner’s feedback will help us shape its evolution.

CircleMe users should not worry: We use the standard OAuth2, which means interests are only available to sites which you eplicitly authorise. If you’re a Circler and have any questions about how we protect your data, please contact us at support [at] circleme [dot] com

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