CircleMe 2nd Generation – BOOM!

When going to this morning, you’ll think you are still in bed… dreaming. Yes! That’s how cool the new look and feel of CircleMe is!


As you can tell, we are very excited to announce today the launch of CircleMe 2nd Generation. The new CircleMe web app features a full-fledged adaptive/responsive design architecture, an updated graphic interface and the new (awesome) feature ‘CircleMe Calendar’, which allows users to visualize all the events related to their passions in a personalized agenda.

With over 1 million items in the database divided into topics, from “Music” to “Movies”, from “Books” to Heroes”, 200,000 categories, more than 1,000 daily posts from 6,500 different sources, and now also more that 55,000 events for at least 4500 different locations, we think you’ll be impressed about all the content related to your personal interests that you can find on our platform.

CircleMe Calendar

When we said we want you to enjoy your passions more in real life, we were NOT kidding. With CircleMe Calendar, you will get a calendar pre-filled with all the events (closest to you) that more closely reflect your passions and interests.

CircleMe Calendar

You just have to “Like” or “ToDo” an item such as an artist, a rock band, an upcoming movie or a particular food or wine, to find in your CircleMe Calendar the “vernissage”, the music festival, the food or wine tasting, the “première” of an opera or the complete schedule of the matches of your beloved sports team, without bothering to browse other sources. This feature allows the user from learning more about the event, all the way to book or reserve for specific occasions. As of today, the calendar has already more than 55,000 events in 4,500 location, all  ready to be discovered by CircleMe’s users.

Enough said. We hope you’ll try the new CircleMe immediately, and cannot wait to hear your feedback and how to make it even more awesome!

Now time to check it out

#bewhatyoulike – always and everywhere!


2 thoughts on “CircleMe 2nd Generation – BOOM!

  1. Hello, as a result of the Circleme 2nd generation, it seems that my profilepage is completely messed up now ? Can’t find a help/troubleshooting section.

    • Marco, sorry we never noticed this message. We did fix some issue in the early days of the deploy, so perhaps now all should be fixed. Please do let us know if that is not the case (and sorry again for taking a life time to respond! Bad of us!!!).

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