CircleMe lands on Android Tablet

We heard you when you asked for a better way to enjoy the millions of interest-pages on CircleMe as you chill on the couch, you chat with friends at home, or you just wake up in the morning and you prefer to read a bit in bed before getting up.

Well, from today, you have one more awesome way to use CircleMe and stay up to date with all your interests: since minutes ago, the CircleMe Tablet version for Android is live on the Google Play store


Firstly, we worked obsessively on the user-interface and every possible detail in respects to design and user-experience, trying to deliver the slickest and sexiest design for a personalized content delivery app. Furthermore, the app was developed considering the content-consumption experience paramount. For more than 1 million passions now you can enjoy news, videos, pictures, audio samples and users’ conversations, without ever leaving the CircleMe app.

Here below a couple of sample screenshots of our content-rich pages (i.e., Updates Feed and Discover All Feed) – we will let you discover all the rest of the app.

 CircleMe Updates Feed



Time to try it out now! We’ll be looking forward to hear from you after you give it a run. Get it now on the Google Play Store.

Always… and on whichever device > #bewhatyoulike !


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