Let’s get some races going!

To spice things up a bit for the Christmas season, we thought of launching a couple of fun competitions among our Circlers. The races start NOW!

The reason? Mostly for the fun of it, but also certainly to have our Circlers interact more with each other and to increase our community of users on CircleMe. Hence, we launch just now a couple of “races” among our users and we will rank in real-time (1) the most trusted users [TRUSTERS], and (2) the users who invite the highest number of their friends on CircleMe [INVITES] (all measurements will start from the beginning of this month, for fairness).

Then, for the best performers, we will get some little treats: nothing fancy, but we’ll do our best. We know you were getting used by our gifts sent over the mail during the holidays, so we had to do something this year too. We had Blackberry very kindly provide us with few phones Z10 and Z30 (they are quite cool and powerful) to give away and then we have some CircleMe t-shirts, stickers and gadgets. I know, nothing huge, but still a good treat for very limited effort, don’t you think?


So, competition is on! See immediately how you rank on the list, and what you need to do to get to the top of it:

#bewhatyoulike and get up those ranks! 😉


The CircleMe Android app just gets better and better!

While we do not announce all our new product releases (e.g., so far in 2014 we had 15 releases for our Android app alone), we thought to mention at least some of the key innovations we brought to our Android app addicts in the last weeks. Together, these improvements and added features really make it for a top-notch mobile experience focused on all your interests.

To play with the new version of the app, go to GOOGLE PLAY now.


As we heard your feedback and your requests for simplification, we applied some key changes to the navigation structure. As a clear example, we allow now to access SEARCH and CALENDAR by a simple right or left swipe (you can access SEARCH from the Profile section and Calendar from the Discover section).



Furthermore, we have simplified the Discovery section, which now splits just in two areas: ALL and PEOPLE. Not to worry though, if you want to access the PLANTS section, you just have to click on the overflow-menu on the top right of the screen.











As you access the app for the first time, we will welcome you with a tutorial which triggers itself only when there is something new to learn about the app. The tutorial consists of several tips showing just once per specific feature and which can be dismissed by a simple tap on the ‘GOT IT’ button.



Next time you visit the Discover People section, you will be impressed by our little (but key) improvement to allow you to quickly decide who to TRUST on CircleMe. You will find the blue button visible on each user card, next to some key information about that user. If you know the person, or just think the user could be a good person to trust for his/her tastes, one simple click will connect you two. Make that BLUE button become GREEN: give it a try now!




You asked to get as much area of the screen dedicated to content as possible, and we did that for you! Of course. 🙂 Now, as you keep scrolling down in your Updates and Discover feeds, our navigation bar will ‘understand’ you have a priority (content!) and will get out of the way. How you get it back, you ask? Well, simple, scroll up and… ta-ta, hello again navigation bar! 




Lots of tweaks were done to the code to speed up the starting of the app as well as loading times for content in all the different sections of the application. To achieve this we have done some coding improvements, and we use a bit more cache memory, but still careful about not taking too much of your device memory filled up.

There are at least another 10 features and improvement projects for the past 8-12 weeks we are not mentioning here, but which you’ll be able to appreciate as soon as you get back on the app.

We look forward to having you use CircleMe more and more, and for you to keeping on sending us feedback at support [at] circleme.com so we can continue to develop the best interest-based platform people want and enjoy.

To get the new version of the Android app, go now on Google Play.

Enjoy the Circling!




Show your skills with our country trivias!

Since you guys are having lots of fun with our trivia games, today we bring you five new trivia quizzes to complete.

Four of them are dedicated to some of the countries where most Circlers are from: USA, UK, France and Italy.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 16.56.56

One extra quiz is dedicated to famous art masterpieces: http://www.circleme.com/trivia/art-masterpieces

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 16.57.08We hope you have a blast and show the world you are the real expert of these passions. 🙂

Now: (1) do the trivia, (2) score well, and (3) challenge your friends!

Start the games now!  http://www.circleme.com/trivia




It’s time we speak French, mais oui!

Oh yes, we are on a roll!

Just ten days after releasing the Italian version of CircleMe (web), today we released our first Android version of the app in French: fantastique!

Get it here and let us know your feedback.

CircleMe in French We are very excited to get this version out, as French users are the fourth community on CircleMe, in terms of registered users. Furthermore, the gallic community has always been really supportive of CircleMe, since launch in 2012, and from the very early days we always received excellent and constructive feedback from the many early adopters from such wonderful region of the world.

Besides the French language, the new version of Android comes also with some nice features, including the Universal Post action, which we’ll tell you more about in a different blog post. We have done also quite a bit of work to render the app quicker in loading content, and more stable (avoiding some crashes we’ve seen occurring in the last weeks).

We trust you’ll love our new Android app. Now go and get it… “allez y!” (You can download it now herehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cascaad.circleme&hl=en)

Merci et à bientôt!


The Interests Calendar goes Mobile

Our web users loved it, and so we brought it to mobile! After a great reception by our community, our Personal Interests Calendar lands today on both our Android and iOS apps with a full set of features, and a cool & easy user experience.

Ready to never miss again an event you care about? Happy to have in your pocket a calendar which shows you events only related with the things you are passionate about? From today you absolutely can! Download your new Android app here or your iOS/iPhone app here and start planning your nights out!

CircleMe Calendar ViewCircleMe Calendar Event View

The Personal Interests Calendar for mobile comes also with a great set of features, including reminder settings and ‘invite your friend‘ features.

To start enjoying this great feature by CircleMe, is very simple. Just access the app, do some Likes or ToDo’s of topics you have an interest in, and then visit our Calendar section of the app (you will find it in the Menu icon – top-right corner for Android and left for iOS). We are confident that with 60,000+ events for more than 5,500 locations around the globe, you could find some event worth attending.

We hope you’ll enjoy our Personal Interests Calendar. Send us news as soon as you discover an interesting event to attend, thanks to CircleMe!

#bewhatyoulike – especially on the go!


….and if you have an Android tablet, here is how it would look like! Nice uh? 😉

CircleMe Calendar on Tablet

It’s CircleMe TRIVIA time!

On CircleMe we have thousands of very passionate people, about any topic you can think of. Well, with the summer time and a little bit of extra time free, we thought to throw in a little fun TRIVIA game for all our passionate users (and anyone else, actually).

You can play immediately here: http://circleme.com/trivia (see some rules below the picture)

Are you a guru on a specific topic? Do you feel no one is as passionate as you about something? Show us “you can walk the walk”! Challenge yourself with the first 10 quizzes we launched today. Prove you are the GURU and rank #1 on our score list. Choose from topics such as Star Wars, Daft Punk, Quentin Tarantino, great movie directors, Game of Thrones, the Football World Cup, and many others. We will also upload new trivia quizzes based on your suggestions (tell us what you’d like to see by writing to us at support [at] circleme dot com, or using the suggest button on the CircleMe Trivia page).

CircleMe Trivia

Anyone can play CircleMe Trivia. You do not need to be registered to CircleMe. If you then want to be ranked against other users, or if you want to challenge your friends, then you can SignUp (in less than 1 minute!).

Note few more things on the Trivia game:

1) The score will be calculated based on the % of correct answers you will give (over the total) and also considering the time factor (we just want to make sure you don’t go on Wikipedia to find out every answer ;-p).

2) You can play one specific quiz only once. Since we show the answers, wouldn’t be smart to make you play twice, would it?

3) Rankings will be updated always in real-time so you can always check on how you are doing vs your friends. Make sure you spread the word and see who is the real “guru” of a specific topic.

We will be updating the quizzes and introducing new ones weekly, so keep on checking the page. Even if you don’t do well on the first trivia quizzes, you’ll be able to catch up in a future one, no worries.

So, ready to discover if you are a GURU at any topic, or you’re just a “wanna be”? Go now, play, and challenge your friendshttp://circleme.com/trivia

#bewhatyoulike and #havefun!

New summer re-styling for our blog

Let’s make it short and sweet, shall we?

This summer we wanted to get in a “new dress”, summery and light, perfect for the season. So here it is: our new blog re-styling is live and we love it.

After evaluating few cool options, we thought this one was the best for us. Clean, content focused and with useful links just there ready for you to click on. The re-styling comes also as a natural progression on all the design work we did on web and mobile apps. Hope you like the directions we have taken.

Finally, if you are passionate about “DESIGN” topics, what are you waiting for? Visit our interest page dedicated to that: http://circleme.com/items/design–12

All about the interest of "design"

All about the interest of “design”

That’s it folks, short and sweet. Time to enjoy the weekend, always remembering to #bewhatyoulike!