New summer re-styling for our blog

Let’s make it short and sweet, shall we?

This summer we wanted to get in a “new dress”, summery and light, perfect for the season. So here it is: our new blog re-styling is live and we love it.

After evaluating few cool options, we thought this one was the best for us. Clean, content focused and with useful links just there ready for you to click on. The re-styling comes also as a natural progression on all the design work we did on web and mobile apps. Hope you like the directions we have taken.

Finally, if you are passionate about “DESIGN” topics, what are you waiting for? Visit our interest page dedicated to that:–12

All about the interest of "design"

All about the interest of “design”

That’s it folks, short and sweet. Time to enjoy the weekend, always remembering to #bewhatyoulike!


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