Time for the new Android style!

At just 4 days from our iOS restyling, it is time to launch our new, revisited, modern and (let’s admit it!) sensational new look for our Android app!

We heard your comments about “the good ol’ times” and our team worked hard to implement a top-notch design that recalls in an elegant way the times in which design was totally-the-opposite-of-flat and colors mattered as much as animations of genies, cats, generic fire lines, dinosaurs, flying birds and dragons. Well, now all of this is back, along with our cool features, of course.

Here’s a sneak preview at the main Updates feed. Oh yes, we know now you cannot wait to check it out, so get your “beauty” here, on the Google Play store.

Now, you have to just find the way to kick off the awesome design evolution – the command to kick it off is just there, before your eyes! 😉

device-2014-04-01-114840 device-2014-04-01-115031











Enjoy and please, remember us when you are going to suggest the “best designed apps” of the year. We would love to be rewarded for our hard work.

Happy beginning of April, everyone… and Circle on! 😉

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