Fashion Trends 2014 in an Infographic by CircleMe

Are you curious to know what might be trending in fashion this Christmas season? Which brands will win the race for coolest and most wanted fashion brands of 2014? Well, just look inside CircleMe’s interest-graph!

Thanks to the activity that (many) thousands of users do periodically on the platform, expressing preferences and intentions to consume for millions of diverse interests, we were able to collect some of this data focusing on a very “trendy” (especially during the Christmas shopping season) topic, Fashion.

Identifying a pool of 10,000 active Circlers with an interest in Fashion (ranging from 20 to 40 years old and distributed globally), we were able to rank the top high-luxury, pret-a-porter, accessible-fashion and other popular fashion brands for overall popularity and also for trending popularity (considering the last 12 weeks of activities on CircleMe).

Some of the results are visible in this Infographic we developed. We hope you enjoy it and share it on the web. As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on this.

#bewhatyoulike … also when you dress up! 😉

[Here the link to our post on CircleMe:


Trends in Fashion 2014 – Infographic by CircleMe (Nov.2014)


The “checked card”: keeping the tab on what you read

For some time now you have been asking for features to improve the user-experience related with managing the quasi-infinite content we distribute on the site (we now publish more than 50,000 new content posts per month, related to any interest you can imagine).

From today, you have one more nifty feature to do that: we will show on your Updates feed all the articles that you have already read, so that you can visually see what’s left to read. Nothing too fancy: just a classy shading and a check mark.

Article already checked on CircleMe

Card already checked by a user on CircleMe

Our team has been using the feature for few days, and it seems to make quite a difference, without being visually too “loud”. We hope you will appreciate this new added feature. As usual, we love to hear your feedback, so just let us know (by writing to us at support at circleme dot com, tweeting us @circleme or commenting on our Facebook page at

Enjoy the ‘checked card’ feature now!


Our first million (passions)!

Today marks an important milestone for CircleMe: 1 Million passions expressed by our users! We are enthusiastic about it, and want to share with all of you the reason we are so excited.

For each “like” (i.e., new interest or passion) users do on CircleMe, they will get plenty of relevant content and related services delivered to them and specifically related to that interest: concert dates, latest news, audio samples, movie trailers, conversations among users, and much more. Once the “like” connection is established, you get the best experience of content consumption related to that passion.

Thanks to this activity, Circlers get a real benefit from our services, and we continue in our mission to create the most valuable interest-based network in the world.

Let us just send a big THANK YOU to all the Circlers who helped us reach this significant milestone. This first million Likes actually adds up to the many other activities Circlers perform on a daily-basis on the platform, such as conversations, ToDo’s, Plants and the thousands of weekly posts related to any of the million passions available in our database.

If you are up for some new discoveries, check out what we have featuring and trending today on the platform: .

Thanks again, and keep Circling: ‘connecting’ with your passions on the web has never been more real!  #bewhatyoulike

1millionLikes 808x808

A true gourmand’s pleasure

Great news for food and wine Lovers: you’ll be happy to discover the new Food&Drinks items created by Svinando. CircleMe has partnered with Svinando Wine Club, the italian online community about quality food and wine, that has provided content on 150 new items about wines and recipes.

Svinando Wine Clube Profile on CircleMe

All the items feature products from Italy carefully selected by the Svinando experts, so if you have a passion for food and wine you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to ‘Like’ on CircleMe the product you love in order to be updated on any news that will be posted about the item: recipes, articles, videos…

The CircleMe Team is enthusiastic about this collaboration that has brought new quality content to the platform and visibility to Svinando. If you may be interested in having your content published on CircleMe to reach and engage our users with your products or activities, don’t hesitate to get in touch at! We’ll be happy to hear your proposal and to discuss it.

For all the people who have mastered an interest or are very passionate about a topic there is also the opportunity to become the curator of an item: if you are interested you’ll find more information here.

So stay tuned as there will be more exciting news soon!


CircleMe Team

A new tech geek at CircleMe

A big part of CircleMe is all the technology behind the website and the apps you actually use. All that makes CircleMe work is developed in-house by our tech team. This is why we needed to strengthen the developers team with a new talented person.
And along came Stefano, who joined CircleMe recently as a back-end developer and he is specialized in Ruby on Rails development. He heard about CircleMe while he was in London and fell in love with the project and with the mission.


He says: “I was very excited to join the team and I want to work hard to make our dreams come true. I feel good when I work in start-ups, I love to do different things and learn new stuff. In CircleMe my opinion evidently matters, as the team’s culture pushes for true collaboration and team-work, and this certainly was one great reason to join the team.”

Stefano is passionate about technology since he was a child. One of his dreams has always been to work with computer devices like Arduino because he wants to get into the details when it comes to computers and electronic devices: he’s fascinated by the Internet of Things and has the ambition to create physical devices working with external interfaces.

Being a real advocate of Arduino technology, Stefano is also the curator of the Arduino item on CircleMe.

There is much more to know about Stefano – for example, if you see his CircleMe Personal Card or online profile ( you can easily spot that he has many other interests in life: ACDC, legophotography (…).


Stefano’s bedside reading is Steve Jobs biography “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, so there is no better way to welcome him to CircleMe than:

stay hungry, stay foolish and #bewhatyoulike!

by CircleMe Team

A tribute to Claudio Abbado

Claudio Abbado, one of the greatest conductors of all times, has died in Bologna today. He was 80 years old.

Born in Milan on June 26, 1933 he was the son of a violin teacher. The first major recognition came in 1958, when he won the first prize at the Koussevitsky competition in Tanglewood, Massachusetts. After this award, he conducted the New York Philharmonic, the following year he made his debut in Trieste, and in 1960 he conducted for the first time at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where he served as its music director from 1968 to 1986 conducting not only the traditional Italian repertoire but also presenting a contemporary opera each year. He also founded the Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala in 1982.

Claudio Abbado

In 1989 the Berliner Philharmoniker elected him as their chief conductor, to succeed Herbert von Karajan. At the end of his last concert with the Berliner in 2002, the audience threw him four thousand flowers and greeted him with thirty minutes of applauses. Since 2004 he has been the musical and artistic director of the Mozart Orchestra in Bologna.

Claudio Abbado strongly believed in the therapeutic function of music. He was an open-minded innovator in the difficult world of classical music, a real dreamer. An artist we’ll all miss.

R.I.P. Maestro.

CircleMe Team

A new friendly face at CircleMe

As CircleMe continues to grow its vast network of interests, the need to bring awesome content to our users based on their likes becomes paramount. For this important task, we are super excited to introduce to the world and to our Circlers a new friendly face who in the last weeks has been hanging out  the office: Jelly! Jelly joins our team as a Content Manager, making sure you get the most relevant, coolest, up-to-date and unique content on all the passions you expressed on the platform.

But enough said from this ‘voice-over’: best to hear directly from Jelly as she tells us a bit about herself and why she seems to be enjoying her time in this little crazy world of CircleMe:

Content manager at CircleMe

“I am really excited to be part of the CircleMe team. Firstly, because the team is quite fun and motivated. Then, because I really enjoy my job, and while doing my daily tasks I even get the chance to discover numerous interesting things. As a matter of fact, being a content manager also means being updated on everything that is potentially of interest to the community and this is quite cool since at the same time my cultural awareness keeps on expanding.

If you take a look at my profile you’ll see that the highest level on my Reach Score is for the category ‘Food & Drinks’, and that’s simply because I love eating. Chocolate and sweets are among my top food. But I also love listening to music and watching movies. I listen to all kinds of music, from rap to rock. Here are some of my favourite singers: Queen, Pink, Macklemore… Same goes for the movies, and in my favourite movie list you’ll find Pulp Fiction, The Green Mile and Life is Beautiful. What I love about CircleMe is that it is not focused on the ‘user’ but on the specific ‘passion’. It’s great to share all my passions with other people I might not know but who do have my same tastes!

I hope CircleMe gets known by more people because it is quite a unique way to tap into your network of interests.”


Jelly's profile page on CircleMe

Feel free to contact Jelly just to say hello or to suggest some great content she should take a look at: she is always on the look out for the new interesting story which just hit the wires or that very original content to share with all passionate Circlers.