A new member of the CircleMe team!

Hi, it’s Javier from the Marketing Team,

As the CircleMe community expands and we keep on adding cool new features, the CircleMe team is growing with talented people that strive to create a great experience for all Circlers. On the other hand, we pride ourselves on caring about and listening to the CircleMe community. So it is a great pleasure for us to announce that our latest addition to the CircleMe team also happens to be a great CircleMe user: James Cook.

James just joined the CircleMe team as a Summer Intern based in our London office. He is very enthusiastic and looks forward to helping grow the CircleMe community and improve the CircleMe experience. But what better than having James Cook tell us a bit more about himself?

James Cook

Our new Summer Marketing Intern: James Cook

“As you can see from my CircleMe profile I’m a real music lover, with 613 likes for music alone. My 3 favorite likes on the site are Led Zeppelin, The Stone Roses and Jimi Hendrix. I’ve been a CircleMe user for a long time, joining when the site was invite-only back in October 2011, so it is a real pleasure to be involved with bringing CircleMe to new users.

For the next few months I’ll be writing blog posts and keeping our Twitter and Facebook accounts up to date with all the latest news. I’ll also try to do my best for the the CircleMe community so I’d really like to hear from you all about your experiences with the site, and also any improvements you may have in mind. You can send me a message through my CircleMe profile. If you have any questions at all please let me know and I’ll be super-happy to answer them. I look forward to talking to you all!”

James Cook's CircleMe Profile

My CircleMe Profile

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