Looking for a BACK-END developer: are you our gal / our guy?

Things got pretty busy at Exa Futures (the company behind CircleMe) in the last 6 months, and for this reason we are looking for new people to join our gang. Not sure if our story is as exciting as Pied Piper, but certainly it’s more real.

Jokes apart, we are looking for a BACK-END DEVELOPER to join our team asap. Interested?


In short, we are looking for a talented developer, with good experience on Ruby/Rails, Java and mySQL (i.e., relational db’s), familiarity with AWS and with GIT. Knowledge of Python a plus. A person happy to work with a small but talented team, ideally in the city of Milan (but we are totally ok in considering also remote-working).

At the following link you can read the official and detailed job description: http://exafutures.com/jointheteam . If the description intrigues you, please reach out through the form or the email contact shown.

Want to join Exa Futures (and CircleMe) to work on the study of society’s life interests? If you are curious, and want to learn more about it, just write to us at careers@circleme.com

A new tech geek at CircleMe

A big part of CircleMe is all the technology behind the website and the apps you actually use. All that makes CircleMe work is developed in-house by our tech team. This is why we needed to strengthen the developers team with a new talented person.
And along came Stefano, who joined CircleMe recently as a back-end developer and he is specialized in Ruby on Rails development. He heard about CircleMe while he was in London and fell in love with the project and with the mission.


He says: “I was very excited to join the team and I want to work hard to make our dreams come true. I feel good when I work in start-ups, I love to do different things and learn new stuff. In CircleMe my opinion evidently matters, as the team’s culture pushes for true collaboration and team-work, and this certainly was one great reason to join the team.”

Stefano is passionate about technology since he was a child. One of his dreams has always been to work with computer devices like Arduino because he wants to get into the details when it comes to computers and electronic devices: he’s fascinated by the Internet of Things and has the ambition to create physical devices working with external interfaces.

Being a real advocate of Arduino technology, Stefano is also the curator of the Arduino item on CircleMe.

There is much more to know about Stefano – for example, if you see his CircleMe Personal Card or online profile (http://circleme.com/stefanosalvucci) you can easily spot that he has many other interests in life: ACDC, legophotography (…).


Stefano’s bedside reading is Steve Jobs biography “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, so there is no better way to welcome him to CircleMe than:

stay hungry, stay foolish and #bewhatyoulike!

by CircleMe Team

A new friendly face at CircleMe

As CircleMe continues to grow its vast network of interests, the need to bring awesome content to our users based on their likes becomes paramount. For this important task, we are super excited to introduce to the world and to our Circlers a new friendly face who in the last weeks has been hanging out  the office: Jelly! Jelly joins our team as a Content Manager, making sure you get the most relevant, coolest, up-to-date and unique content on all the passions you expressed on the platform.

But enough said from this ‘voice-over’: best to hear directly from Jelly as she tells us a bit about herself and why she seems to be enjoying her time in this little crazy world of CircleMe:

Content manager at CircleMe

“I am really excited to be part of the CircleMe team. Firstly, because the team is quite fun and motivated. Then, because I really enjoy my job, and while doing my daily tasks I even get the chance to discover numerous interesting things. As a matter of fact, being a content manager also means being updated on everything that is potentially of interest to the community and this is quite cool since at the same time my cultural awareness keeps on expanding.

If you take a look at my profile you’ll see that the highest level on my Reach Score is for the category ‘Food & Drinks’, and that’s simply because I love eating. Chocolate and sweets are among my top food. But I also love listening to music and watching movies. I listen to all kinds of music, from rap to rock. Here are some of my favourite singers: Queen, Pink, Macklemore… Same goes for the movies, and in my favourite movie list you’ll find Pulp Fiction, The Green Mile and Life is Beautiful. What I love about CircleMe is that it is not focused on the ‘user’ but on the specific ‘passion’. It’s great to share all my passions with other people I might not know but who do have my same tastes!

I hope CircleMe gets known by more people because it is quite a unique way to tap into your network of interests.”


Jelly's profile page on CircleMe

Feel free to contact Jelly just to say hello or to suggest some great content she should take a look at: she is always on the look out for the new interesting story which just hit the wires or that very original content to share with all passionate Circlers.

CircleMe is hiring!

Today, our CEO Giuseppe D’Antonio will be at the Codemotion event in Rome, hunting for the brightest minds to join CircleMe!

Since Codemotion is an event aimed at developers, it seems the right place for CircleMe to have a stand, as we’re looking for 3 bright developers to join our ambitious project. The positions we’re after are:

  1. Web Front-End Engineer
  2. Mobile Engineer (Android preference)
  3. Back-end Engineers

So if you’re in Codemotion Rome today, don’t hesitate to stop by our stand and chat to Giuseppe about these positions. If you can’t make it to Codemotion, you can always send your CV to careers@circleme.com. Also, our jobs will be advertised on http://www.cascaad.com/jobs, but we strongly suggest sending the CVs as soon as possible.

If you’re new to CircleMe, you’ll find on the image below some info about us and the kind of person we’re after:

Codemotion - CircleMe hiring

The latest addition to the CircleMe team!

Hi! It’s James from the CircleMe team. You might remember me as I joined recently and have been keeping our blog updated with all the latest news. Today I’m pleased to announce I’m no longer ‘the new guy’ at CircleMe ;- )

On CircleMe there are hundreds of thousands of Likes, Plants and To-Dos and it’s super-important for us to make sure it’s of the best possible quality for you to enjoy. This is a very important responsibility, which meant we had to find the right person for the role. For this reason, we’re very excited that Anna Maria has decided to relocate from the beautiful city of Paris to join our team in the Milan office!

I could tell you more about our new content manager Anna Maria and her likes since we’ve both been part of the CircleMe community for a long time, however, I thought it would be very fitting for Anna Maria to tell us a bit about herself and why she’s excited to be part of the team.

Anna Maria

Our new Content Manager: Anna Maria

I didn’t discover CircleMe by chance, but because I was looking for a different social network in which passions and interests would be more important than Photoshopped photos and number of friends. I was very excited to finally find a place on the web where one can meet people with similar interests and exchange opinions and I’m very excited to be here in Milan and participating in the CircleMe adventure! I’m been here just three days, but I’ve already understood that my number of Likes is going to rise very quickly; as a content manager I come across interesting items everyday, which I often suggest to my friends.

If you take a look at my CircleMe profile, you’ll see that I mostly have Likes about cinema and movies, plus 80% of my heroes are actors or film directors! But there are also some comic writers (more than half of my books are graphic novels!). Anyway, I think that the most interesting section of my likes is the ‘other’ category; maybe because I’m curious about many things and an expert about none! After all Circleme is the best place for curious people who wants to keep track of many different things at the same time.”

Anna Maria

Anna’s CircleMe profile

A new member of the CircleMe team!

Hi, it’s Javier from the Marketing Team,

As the CircleMe community expands and we keep on adding cool new features, the CircleMe team is growing with talented people that strive to create a great experience for all Circlers. On the other hand, we pride ourselves on caring about and listening to the CircleMe community. So it is a great pleasure for us to announce that our latest addition to the CircleMe team also happens to be a great CircleMe user: James Cook.

James just joined the CircleMe team as a Summer Intern based in our London office. He is very enthusiastic and looks forward to helping grow the CircleMe community and improve the CircleMe experience. But what better than having James Cook tell us a bit more about himself?

James Cook

Our new Summer Marketing Intern: James Cook

“As you can see from my CircleMe profile I’m a real music lover, with 613 likes for music alone. My 3 favorite likes on the site are Led Zeppelin, The Stone Roses and Jimi Hendrix. I’ve been a CircleMe user for a long time, joining when the site was invite-only back in October 2011, so it is a real pleasure to be involved with bringing CircleMe to new users.

For the next few months I’ll be writing blog posts and keeping our Twitter and Facebook accounts up to date with all the latest news. I’ll also try to do my best for the the CircleMe community so I’d really like to hear from you all about your experiences with the site, and also any improvements you may have in mind. You can send me a message through my CircleMe profile. If you have any questions at all please let me know and I’ll be super-happy to answer them. I look forward to talking to you all!”

James Cook's CircleMe Profile

My CircleMe Profile

The CircleMe team is hiring!

That’s right! The CircleMe team is looking for no less than 3 talented individuals to join the CircleMe team as we work hard to make CircleMe more awesome! Would you like to be part of this growing team? Don’t hesitate to apply!

The open positions:

Web Front-End Engineer

Unsurprisingly, CircleMe is not built magically but it requires a lot of talent, passion and hard work! We are looking for a talented web front-end engineer to evolve our CircleMe web application. If it sounds like the right challenge for you, get ready to enjoy “la bella Start-up vita” in CircleMe’s headquarters in Milano, Italy. We work 100% in English, so no need to worry about speaking Italian! (Besides “Café”, “Birra”, “Bistecca” and so on 😉

Find more about this position here

This position is based in Milan, Italy

Summer Marketing Intern

What could be better than interning for a cool and growing Social Network that connects people to the things they care about? Join the CircleMe team in our cool offices in London’s TechHub, in Google Campus, where you’ll gain working experience in Social Media, email marketing and more!

Find more about this position here

This position is based in London, UK

Junior Content Manager

People love collecting and discovering new likes on CircleMe, but hey! It takes a lot of time and dedication to make sure the content on our site is up to the standard our users deserve when they collect and discover. If you’re passionate about content and would love to help us enchant our users with great content, this sounds like the right position for you!

Find more about this position here

This position is based in Milan, Italy

And do not forget that you can always find all our job opportunities here