A new friendly face at CircleMe

As CircleMe continues to grow its vast network of interests, the need to bring awesome content to our users based on their likes becomes paramount. For this important task, we are super excited to introduce to the world and to our Circlers a new friendly face who in the last weeks has been hanging out  the office: Jelly! Jelly joins our team as a Content Manager, making sure you get the most relevant, coolest, up-to-date and unique content on all the passions you expressed on the platform.

But enough said from this ‘voice-over’: best to hear directly from Jelly as she tells us a bit about herself and why she seems to be enjoying her time in this little crazy world of CircleMe:

Content manager at CircleMe

“I am really excited to be part of the CircleMe team. Firstly, because the team is quite fun and motivated. Then, because I really enjoy my job, and while doing my daily tasks I even get the chance to discover numerous interesting things. As a matter of fact, being a content manager also means being updated on everything that is potentially of interest to the community and this is quite cool since at the same time my cultural awareness keeps on expanding.

If you take a look at my profile you’ll see that the highest level on my Reach Score is for the category ‘Food & Drinks’, and that’s simply because I love eating. Chocolate and sweets are among my top food. But I also love listening to music and watching movies. I listen to all kinds of music, from rap to rock. Here are some of my favourite singers: Queen, Pink, Macklemore… Same goes for the movies, and in my favourite movie list you’ll find Pulp Fiction, The Green Mile and Life is Beautiful. What I love about CircleMe is that it is not focused on the ‘user’ but on the specific ‘passion’. It’s great to share all my passions with other people I might not know but who do have my same tastes!

I hope CircleMe gets known by more people because it is quite a unique way to tap into your network of interests.”


Jelly's profile page on CircleMe

Feel free to contact Jelly just to say hello or to suggest some great content she should take a look at: she is always on the look out for the new interesting story which just hit the wires or that very original content to share with all passionate Circlers.

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