Circling the City of Lights!

I’m Javier, Marketing Manager at CircleMe,

Last week we organized some CircleMe drinks in beautiful Paris.. and we have to say that we had a blast!
We arrived around 5pm at our chosen location, which in this case was Le Dernier Bar Avant La Find Du Monde (French for ‘The Last Bar Before the End of the World’.) We loved the place, as it was full of passionate people. The place had many different themes, including an Indiana Jones one!

Le Dernier Bar – Where we hosted our Paris CircleMe Drinks

At 6pm the guests started to arrive, and so we started to talk about CircleMe, Paris, and about our passions! Some talked about performing arts, others about technology, music… Time flew, people came and went as we weren’t only meeting people passionate about CircleMe, but also enjoying a great time with them!

One interesting thing about the users at the meet up is that there were so many different nationalities. There were CircleMe users from France (of course), Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Russia, America and Mexico! This showed just how metropolitan the city of Paris is 🙂

Time passed by so quickly that at around 11pm we realized we hadn’t taken any group photos! So we assembled the remaining Circlers for a last minute photo! 😉

Ooops! We forgot to take a group photo until 11pm, when many had left :- (

Overall, we had a great, great time thanks to the great Circlers who visited us, the location chosen for the bar and, well… the city itself! So we can now officially claim that we have ‘Circled’ Paris! And here is proof of that!

We Circled Paris! ;- )

We would like to send a big, big thank you to all those who joined us! And if you would like to join our future meetups, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for future announcements 😉

All roads lead to the CircleMe meet up in Rome

After the great success of the meet ups in London and Milan, we decided to say ‘Hi’ to our users in Rome! We love these occasions as it gives us a chance to chat to lots of different Circlers, get some great feedback, and give out some T shirts of course 🙂

Casa Del Jazz

The venue for the meet up, the Casa Del Jazz, Rome

The venue we met at was the brilliant Casa Del Jazz, everyone started to meet up at 7pm and we got talking about the site, about the venue, about anything! One CircleMe user was so excited about the event that he arrived half an hour early! As well as this, 2 of our lovely users drove all the way from Pisa to attend, which is over a 3 hour drive!

CircleMe users at the Rome meet up

As you can see, everyone had a great time!

CircleMe Users

CircleMe users enjoying the Rome meet up

This was a great chance for users to meet some of the other members of CircleMe, and we certainly enjoyed chatting with everyone. Our CEO Giuseppe D’Antonio and office manager Elena Ciampella helped organize the event, so they had the pleasure of handing out T shirts! Along with the immensely popular CircleMe T shirts, we also had some fantastic goody bags to give out from JazzIt, whom we arranged the meet up with. Every CircleMe user who turned up got a magazine and a cool jazz CD, thanks guys! After the meet up we went on to get something to eat, eventually saying ‘Goodbye’ around 2am!

Elena hands out a T Shirt

Elena handing out T shirts : – )

We are all looking forward to the Paris meet up on the 18th! In the future we are looking to organise meet ups based around your likes, can you guess the theme of this one? Yup, it was jazz music! Would you like a CircleMe meet up near where you live? Well why not get in touch and let us know? As usual, you can let us know by commenting on this post, or by contacting us through our Twitter account or Facebook page!

Announcing CircleMe User Meet-ups in Rome and Paris!

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that some months ago, we organized two great CircleMe users’ meetups. The first one took place near our offices in London, whereas the second took place in our HQ in Milan. As these were great fun and we really enjoyed meeting our users, we’ve decided to organize two more CircleMe users’ meetups in two beautiful cities: Rome and Paris!

First CircleMe meetup in London


You can read all about the Rome meet-up here!

When we organised the meet-up in Milan, we realised that many of our users in Rome would have loved to attend, but it was too far 😦 So, we decided to organize a meet-up for them too! The meet-up in Rome will take place on the 9th of July. Are you interestested? Please email to get the address of the place where we’ll be meeting!


After the UK and Italy, France will be the third destination for our CircleMe meet-up! And having one of our biggest communities in France, we’re sure it will be a great success! This meet-up will take place in Paris on the 18th of July, 6:00 pm at:

19, avenue Victoria 75001 Paris
métro Châtelet (sortie Théâtre du Châtelet)

Why do we organise these meet-ups?

When we work on improving CircleMe, we don’t think about numbers: We work hard to create something great for people like you. For this reason, getting to know our real users is very important to us: We want to learn how you think we could improve CircleMe, but also get to know who our users are, which means that we might end up talking about anything like music, sports, politics… or anything you are passionate about! Obviously, there is no fee to attend the meet-up or anything like that! In fact, the earlier you join us, the more likely we’ll treat you to a drink 😉

If you are near Rome and Paris during those dates, please join us! It will be real fun!!

Users meet-up in Milan

Last Friday we organized the first meetup in Milan, Italy and we’ve got to say that it was amazing and it did beat all our expectations. We had some 100 users visiting us, which was amazing for us as we could get some very honest feedback directly from our users.

Our guests started to arrive at around 18:30 to the CircleMe office, with some drinks and nibbles waiting for them. We had some fun and chatted about CircleMe amongst other things. Since we had just released our new video, we projected it and it was our little “Cannes festival” 🙂 If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out!

One of the things that caught the attention of our guests was the foosball table we have in our office. Obviously, we  had to organize a little foosball table tournament on the night!

However, that wasn’t the only competition of the night, as we organized some games and there was a new iPad as a prize!

Something we would have loved to share was a photo of the cake that the patisserie near our office prepared for us. Unfortunately, it was eaten before we had the chance to take a pic!

Many guests stayed until late and at past midnight, it was time for Circlerella our last guests to return home after a fun day where we learned a lot about our guests.

As a fun note, one of our users managed to get a fun pic: It’s our CEO Giuseppe D’Antonio as Party Cleaning Manager. This pic might one day go viral… And you saw it first on our blog 😉 Oh boy!

We do hope you’ll join us in future meetups. Stay tuned on our Twitter account or Facebook page!

The first ever CircleMe meetup!

Hi Circlers,

Yesterday we hosted the first ever CircleMe meetup in London and we have to say that it was a great success and that we’re very excited to have met many of our users!

The event took place in Old Street, the “Silicon Roundabout” in London. We met in “Meter”, a new bar just outside the station.

We were meeting at 6PM, and soon enough, some users started to arrive and we started to talk about CircleMe and much more! Soon, there were many of us and we were having a great time.

We gave some cool CircleMe T-shirts to those users who joined us : – )

It was a great occasion for the CircleMe team to get some sincere feedback (we all know drinks foster sincerity 😉 ) and get to hear what works for our users, what doesn’t, and what they would like to see in CircleMe in the future. Certainly, we got a big list with feedback and suggestions to improve both the web version and the mobile app. We’re always on the hunt for new suggestions and feedback, so do not hesitate to share your feedback here or on Facebook or Twitter.

First CircleMe meetup in London. We’re terribly sorry we couldn’t get in the picture to those who left early/arrived late : – (

We continued to have a great time and some 5 hours later, we were still chatting and some even dancing and having a great time.

Some CircleMe users just could’t stop havin fun!

Funnily enough, our launch party coincided with the launch party of another cool service: lightbox. We got talking and sharing ideas : )

Sarp Centel from Lightbox and Giuseppe D’Antonio from CircleMe share some feedback

Overall, this first CircleMe meetup was a great success and we just can’t wait to organize new ones in the near future to get feedback from our users, and not only from the UK! For starters, you can count with a CircleMe users meetup in Milan, Italy, and more should come after that! Stay tuned on our Facebook page and Twitter!

It was a Cold, Cool CircleMe weekend!

Whilst most of Europe was busy keeping themselves warm, updating their statuses to complain about how cold it was, or what was most likely, doing both at the same time, the CircleMe Team got together in the beautiful little Italian town of Alba to work on making CircleMe better.

The CircleMe team gets together in the beautiful little town of Alba

 What? How?… Why?!

Right, let us explain: We promised we’d be working hard to bring many improvements to CircleMe, right? And February is a short month, right? So when we tried to fit all these improvements into the month of February, we felt like the result of a 1 + 1 sum didn’t quite reach 2. Thus, we decided to create some working days out of the blue (also known as a weekend).

As we had decided to transform a weekend into a working weekend, we thought we’d find a lovely place where the international and remote-working CircleMe team could get together, work hard and also have a great time.

We were demanding: Our destination would need to have great food, wine, and stunning views! (and this is what we got!)

When it came to deciding our destination, we had it extremely easy: As we recently released the Reach Score, it could only be fair that the CircleMe team member with the highest Reach Score should decide our destination, and so we trusted Elena. She pinned a place on the map and soon we would be en route to the beautiful little town of Santa Vittoria d’Alba.

Elena’s “54” Score Reach was a reason to trust her decision

Soon after arriving, we found ourselves already working hard on improvements to CircleMe, and discussing how we can improve the site.

Erik, Andrea and Antonio discuss technical improvements to our platform

Adina, Elena and Antonio discuss how to ensure the quality of CircleMe content is up to the standards our users deserve

Simina and Giuseppe work whilst trying to resist the temptation of eating all the great looking local food displayed on the wall

But it wasn’t only about working! This trip gave us a chance to get to know our colleagues better and have a great time together. In fact, since Alba is an area known for its great wine and food, well… we had no choice but to investigate those! Our verdict? Plenty of likes added on CircleMe!

A big toast to CircleMe users! (From left to right: Adina, Simina, Erik, Andrea, Giuseppe, Emanuele,Antonio, Elena and Gabriele)

Overall, we feel it was a great Cool, Cold CircleMe Weekend: Not only was it a great opportunity to advance on some of the improvements we want to bring you in February and March, but also allowed us to get people from different teams together to discuss how to make CircleMe better for you.

We say “Stay tuned for our announcements of improvements to CircleMe”, you say “Watch out Anto for that snow ball!”

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the CircleMe team. As we promised, we’re working hard on making CircleMe better and we want you to be part of it. So please stay tuned for new CircleMe improvements and do not hesitate to help us share ideas and feedback on how you think we could improve CircleMe!

Javier Galan
CircleMe Marketing Manager

CircleMe on Social Media

As you might imagine, we are present on many different Social Media channels. However, you might not know exactly which channels we can be found, so we thought of writing a quick blog entry sharing the links to each of these channels and have a brief explanation of what you can expect from us in each one of these:

On Facebook: You want to relax on Facebook and keep in touch with things, right? Well, if you like us on Facebook you will find updates about fun stories you can find on CircleMe. You will also be able to participate in our contests and be part of the CircleMe community! Of course, we will update you of the release of important features on CircleMe

On Google Plus: Perhaps you use it to talk about things related to Social Media and be updated about the latest trends in this space? Well, if you circle us on Google Plus you will not only be updated about the latest CircleMe developments but we intend to have a more continuous conversation about these developments. Would you like to engage in a sincere conversation with CircleMe staff and influence the development of our platform? This is the right place for you!

On Twitter: You enjoy being updated about all the things happening out there, and you want to know as they happen? Following us you will find all this real time information from us: If something is happening on CircleMe right now, you can be certain you will be the first to know.

Of course, you might be interested in different kinds of information. Well, do not hesitate to follow the channels that interest you the most!