It was a Cold, Cool CircleMe weekend!

Whilst most of Europe was busy keeping themselves warm, updating their statuses to complain about how cold it was, or what was most likely, doing both at the same time, the CircleMe Team got together in the beautiful little Italian town of Alba to work on making CircleMe better.

The CircleMe team gets together in the beautiful little town of Alba

 What? How?… Why?!

Right, let us explain: We promised we’d be working hard to bring many improvements to CircleMe, right? And February is a short month, right? So when we tried to fit all these improvements into the month of February, we felt like the result of a 1 + 1 sum didn’t quite reach 2. Thus, we decided to create some working days out of the blue (also known as a weekend).

As we had decided to transform a weekend into a working weekend, we thought we’d find a lovely place where the international and remote-working CircleMe team could get together, work hard and also have a great time.

We were demanding: Our destination would need to have great food, wine, and stunning views! (and this is what we got!)

When it came to deciding our destination, we had it extremely easy: As we recently released the Reach Score, it could only be fair that the CircleMe team member with the highest Reach Score should decide our destination, and so we trusted Elena. She pinned a place on the map and soon we would be en route to the beautiful little town of Santa Vittoria d’Alba.

Elena’s “54” Score Reach was a reason to trust her decision

Soon after arriving, we found ourselves already working hard on improvements to CircleMe, and discussing how we can improve the site.

Erik, Andrea and Antonio discuss technical improvements to our platform

Adina, Elena and Antonio discuss how to ensure the quality of CircleMe content is up to the standards our users deserve

Simina and Giuseppe work whilst trying to resist the temptation of eating all the great looking local food displayed on the wall

But it wasn’t only about working! This trip gave us a chance to get to know our colleagues better and have a great time together. In fact, since Alba is an area known for its great wine and food, well… we had no choice but to investigate those! Our verdict? Plenty of likes added on CircleMe!

A big toast to CircleMe users! (From left to right: Adina, Simina, Erik, Andrea, Giuseppe, Emanuele,Antonio, Elena and Gabriele)

Overall, we feel it was a great Cool, Cold CircleMe Weekend: Not only was it a great opportunity to advance on some of the improvements we want to bring you in February and March, but also allowed us to get people from different teams together to discuss how to make CircleMe better for you.

We say “Stay tuned for our announcements of improvements to CircleMe”, you say “Watch out Anto for that snow ball!”

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the CircleMe team. As we promised, we’re working hard on making CircleMe better and we want you to be part of it. So please stay tuned for new CircleMe improvements and do not hesitate to help us share ideas and feedback on how you think we could improve CircleMe!

Javier Galan
CircleMe Marketing Manager

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