Announcing comments on all activities and the detailed Reach Score

As you might have noticed, lately we have been rather quiet when it comes to new features. The reason for this is that we were working hard on a couple of new features that we think will change the way you use CircleMe (and make it much more Social and Fun!). We tell you about these two new features below:

Comments on all actions

Have you ever wanted to comment on a story shared on CircleMe or maybe when a friend added a new like you wanted to write something like “I didn’t expect that from you”? If you ever wanted to, then you will know that it was not possible, and perhaps you found it even a bit frustrating, right? Well, from today, this will not be a problem as we have launched the ability to comment on all activities on CircleMe. And yes, that includes adding likes or to dos, trusting CircleMe users, adding photos… even upvoting stories!

Now you can comment on all CircleMe activities!

We believe this will make CircleMe much more social and fun, don’t you think?

Detailed Reach Score

As you might know, we recently released the CircleMe Reach Score. Until today, the Reach Score allowed you to find out which categories you were the most influential in and how many people trusted you. From today, you will also be able to find out exactly what likes and To Do’s were influenced by your profile and also by your suggestions.

And that’s not all! You can even find out how many votes your views and stories received. In the new reach score, you will also find a list of all those CircleMe users who trust your tastes!

You will find the new Reach Score section by clicking on your Reach Score number on your profile

You will then have to click on View Details (this section can only be seen in your own Reach Score!)

Alternatively you can find the new Reach Score page from the Account section

We hope you enjoy these new changes. As you can see, CircleMe is becoming much more social and fun! As usual, if you have any comments, suggestions… do not hesitate to get in touch with us by replying on this blog entry, finding us on Twitter, Facebook or write directly to us at

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