Making what works… well, better: Announcing the Activity Page & Endless Scroll!

They say if something works, why break it? Well, we disagree and think that if something works, why not break it and make it even better? We launched the Activity Board some weeks ago and we got some great positive feedback. The Activity board allows you to easily keep track of the activity related to your interests as well as the activity of your friends.

However, that is not our only new feature this week: we also implemented a endless scroll so that it is easier to navigate likes!

The new Activity Page

Yes! We decided to take that great (but perhaps hidden) feature and create a page for it on it’s own. So what is new in the Activity Page?

Out with the old…

In with the new!

The new Activity Page will allow you to easily read updates about the things you care about. And in case there are 2 or more activities for an item, you can easily click on the icon of the second person to see the activity!

Endless scroll

However, that is not all! We’ve also changed the different pages to show all your likes and to dos and now once you reach the bottom of the page more items will be loaded!

Endless Scroll

We hope you enjoy these new features and do not hesitate to leave your feedback! As usual, you can comment on this entry, on our Facebook fan page or on Twitter.

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