Announcing the Reach Score, improvements to our To Do’s and more!

Since February is a short month, we thought we had better make the most out of it by launching cool new features as soon as possible, so let’s get on with it! This week we’re announcing the launch of the Reach Score, integration, improvements to the “To Do” activity and a new homepage.

Announcing the Reach Score

CircleMe is all about True likes, interests and passions. You can suggest these to other users and they might find a new book, artist or even drink thanks to your profile, and if people trust you, they will be influenced by your tastes. Wouldn’t it be great if we came up with a way to measure how influential people are? Well, that is what we thought and so we came up with the Reach Score.

In fact, if you click on your reach score, it will show you how many tastes you influenced organised per category and how many people trust you on CircleMe. You can also see other users’ Reach Scores!

Expanding our Wine list

If you are a wine connoisseur, you might have been frustrated in the past that although some generic wines could be found, perhaps you couldn’t find those wines you really wanted to add on CircleMe. Yes, you could like “Sauvignon Blanc” but not your favourite brand and year. Well, we have now added an extensive list of wines from and you will most likely find exactly the wines you truly like on CircleMe.

Improvements to the To Do’s

Has it ever happened to you that after adding an item as a To Do you noticed you had already added it in the past? Then, you would have the same item twice in your To Do list. Annoying, right? Well, starting from today we’ve simplified this for you and when you check an item that you already added as a To Do, instead of showing a button to add it again, you’ll see a button to “Undo” the To Do.

New Homepage

You probably noticed some changes on the Homepage: We thought it would be great giving new visitors an idea of what there is to like on CircleMe and add a link to our “Stop liking, start circling video”

This is it for this first day of February that will certainly come full of cool new features for CircleMe users! We would really like to know your feedback about these updates, so feel free to share your feedback with us via Facebook, Twitter, commenting on this blog or mailing us to

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