Finding who to trust on CircleMe

It’s Tuesday and that deserves an update with the changes on CircleMe: The CircleMe team has been working on some back-end improvements and other features we’re looking forward to announce as soon as they are ready, but there is a change on CircleMe you will notice. This is the creation of a new section on the CircleMe navigation bar: “Who to trust”.

As we announced last week on our blog, we moved the Neighbors section from the “me” page to the “Find Friends page”, where you could find Facebook or Gmail friends who are on CircleMe (or invite them if they are not on CircleMe yet!). You can also invite friends via email.

Since we know that this is very important in order to provide a great CircleMe user experience we decided to create a new section for it that can be found from the CircleMe navigation page: the “Who to trust” page. At the same time, we moved the Activity Board icon closer to the “Me” button.

This is what the new ‘Who to trust’ page looks like:

We hope this change improves your CircleMe experience and helps you find people to Trust on CircleMe!

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