CircleMe on Social Media

As you might imagine, we are present on many different Social Media channels. However, you might not know exactly which channels we can be found, so we thought of writing a quick blog entry sharing the links to each of these channels and have a brief explanation of what you can expect from us in each one of these:

On Facebook: You want to relax on Facebook and keep in touch with things, right? Well, if you like us on Facebook you will find updates about fun stories you can find on CircleMe. You will also be able to participate in our contests and be part of the CircleMe community! Of course, we will update you of the release of important features on CircleMe

On Google Plus: Perhaps you use it to talk about things related to Social Media and be updated about the latest trends in this space? Well, if you circle us on Google Plus you will not only be updated about the latest CircleMe developments but we intend to have a more continuous conversation about these developments. Would you like to engage in a sincere conversation with CircleMe staff and influence the development of our platform? This is the right place for you!

On Twitter: You enjoy being updated about all the things happening out there, and you want to know as they happen? Following us you will find all this real time information from us: If something is happening on CircleMe right now, you can be certain you will be the first to know.

Of course, you might be interested in different kinds of information. Well, do not hesitate to follow the channels that interest you the most!

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