Brendon Moeller prepares to release new LP

The Frequency Of Love; Next Exit; Guilty Pleasures, these are just some of the tunes you’ll be able to hear on Brendon Moeller’s new LP entitled Storming Heaven set to hit the shops in November. Moeller is perhaps more popularly known as Echologist.

According to news on electronic news website, Resident Advisor, the album “reflects ideas from composers that inspire the musician. Moeller, it added “has attempted to personalize and interpret these influences, creating something that is idiosyncratic and nostalgic.”

The last full length album that Echologist released was Subterranean, back in 2011. He has also released other works under his own name Brendon Moeller, an LP entitled Works, in 2012 on the Electric Deluxe label.

Subterranean was released on Moeller’s Steadfast label however Storming Heaven will be released on the Prologue label. Prologue is also responsible for Mechanics of Joy an Echologist EP released this year.

Other tracks on the album include Tricks OfThe Shade, Storming Heaven, Even If And Especially When, Deep Fried, Lost, Down The Rabbit Hole, and Stepping Out.


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