Strut Records to release Dance Mania Records in 2014

Strut Records is set to release a new album early in 2014. The album, entitled Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997, will do just that, feature tracks from the 11 year period in the label’s history and will hit stands in January.

This is the latest news out of the long-sleeping Chicago label which is also set top re-launch some of its own issues. Artists such as DJ Funk and DJ Deeon were some of the major names that emerged from out of the Chicago ghetto house sound back in the 1990s.

The album will also feature some tracks from Hardcore Traxx’s foundation years in the late 1980s and will also feature a few tunes from Tyree, Rhtythm to Rhythm and Hercules.

Tracks on the album include Hercules – 7 Ways, Victor Romeo feat. Leatrice BrownLove Will Find A Way, The House Master Boyz And The Rude Boy Of House – House Nation, Duane & Co – J.B. Traxx, Vincent Floyd – I Dream You, Da Posse feat. Martell – Searchin’ Hard, Club Style – Crazy Wild, Jammin’ The House Gerald – Black Women (Club), and Tyree – Nuthin’ Wrong.


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