Psychemagik could become archivists

The UK duo Psychemagik (read here other news) are on the road to becoming real archivist by the looks of things.

The duo have been collecting some priceless pieces of music and selling their records to Soulwax and The Chemical Brothers.

According to group member Danny McLewin Soulwax is always looking for things to work with and are also very much into archives. The group has an extensive collection of styles of mixes and Psychemagik themselves are collectors of various styles of music.

Among their favourites? Italo, psych disco, and music from Bollywood. Electro is also in the bag.

And McLewin admits that he would like to become an archivist himself somewhere down the line if they collect enough records with great help from the Internet.

He has collected works from David Axelrod and Kenny Rankin. He has bought as many as seven of Rankin’s records.

“It really comes down to money”, says McLewin. “There have been albums I’ve spent years looking for and then when I find them it’s been overwhelming because you’ve been looking for so long”.

“I wouldn’t merit a record having more value because it’s rare, though. People do that but a dollar bin record is just as valid”.


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