Psychemagik could become archivists

The UK duo Psychemagik (read here other news) are on the road to becoming real archivist by the looks of things.

The duo have been collecting some priceless pieces of music and selling their records to Soulwax and The Chemical Brothers.

According to group member Danny McLewin Soulwax is always looking for things to work with and are also very much into archives. The group has an extensive collection of styles of mixes and Psychemagik themselves are collectors of various styles of music.

Among their favourites? Italo, psych disco, and music from Bollywood. Electro is also in the bag.

And McLewin admits that he would like to become an archivist himself somewhere down the line if they collect enough records with great help from the Internet.

He has collected works from David Axelrod and Kenny Rankin. He has bought as many as seven of Rankin’s records.

“It really comes down to money”, says McLewin. “There have been albums I’ve spent years looking for and then when I find them it’s been overwhelming because you’ve been looking for so long”.

“I wouldn’t merit a record having more value because it’s rare, though. People do that but a dollar bin record is just as valid”.


Kickboxer Gets a Reboot


Hollywood classics continue to be remade and Jean-Claude Van Damme is no exception a remake of his 1989 hit Kickboxer in the works. Stephen Fung has signed on to direct the film which will be produced by Radar Pictures which also produced The Last Samurai and The Chronicles of Riddick.

Fung previously directed the movie Tai Chi Zero. This is the second Van Damme flick which will be remade as it was previously announced that another of his more popular works Bloodsport is to get a reboot. Jim McGrath and Dimitri Logothetis will write the script for the film. No word yet on whether Van Damme will make a cameo in the remake of either film but Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh is reporting that he has been offered a film by the Belgian action star.

Van Damme was in India at the International Indian Film Academy Awards where he met Mukesh. It has been reported that Van Damme is hoping to make a film in India complete with all the spice of a Bollywood film mixed in with a little romance and action. Hollywood in the meantime, continues its trend of giving movies a fresh new look. Many films have been getting the reboot over the last decade including Fame, Ice Castles, Fright Night.

Even Spiderman which was only ten years old got a reboot last year.