CircleMe in Italiano!

An Italian speaker would say “Fantastico!”. Yes, because from today our beloved CircleMe platform on the web is fully translated in Italian. Any user of CircleMe from today will be able to set the user-interface to Italian just by visiting their settings and selecting Italian as the preferred language. We have already prepared more than 5,000 interests, 30,000 posts and 6,000 calendar events for our Italiano’s :).

Why Italian before other more popular languages? For a couple of reasons: on one side, Italy is the second most active country on CircleMe after the USA and just before the UK: on the other side, our company has strong roots in Italy and proudly we want all Italian-only speakers to be able to enjoy our platform to the fullest.

CircleMe in Italiano

With today we kick-off hopefully a process to localize our application in as many languages as possible, and as soon as we can. We have received requests to translate CircleMe in Spanish, French, Portuguese (BR), German, Thai and many other languages. We are a small team, so please be patient with us. If, on the contrary, you cannot wait for CircleMe to be translated in YOUR language and you want to help us, just write us a note at info [at] and we will be super-grateful to welcome you as a “localization supporter”. 🙂

And now… enjoy our BELLISSIMO CircleMe!


Guardian’s top 10 sci-fi flicks


There are some movies that no matter how much time passes, have stuck in the mind and never go away.

These are the movies that legends are made of, the standard by which all other films are judged and they have endure throughout time.

The UK Guardian has named its list of the top 10 science fiction films of all time. Some were directed by one o the greatest film directors of all time – the American Steven Spielberg (Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET: The Extra Terrestrial) and there are others by the British film director Stanley Kubrick(2001: A Space Odyssey) that earned a reputation for breaking down barriers in film corners.

Many of these films were made before the year 2000 which in itself perhaps speaks to the quality of contemporary film making.

The top ten in reverse order are: 10. The Matrix; 9. The Terminator/The Terminator 2:Judgment Day; 8. Close Encounters of the Third Kind; 7. Star Wars; 6. ET: The Extra Terrestrial; 5. Solaris; 4. Alien; 3. Blade Runner; 2.Metropolis; 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Guardian’s Top 10 crime movies

These days it seems that most movies are being recycled and oftentimes the remake isn’t half as good as the original. The UK Guardian has counted down its top 10 crime films in history. Some of them are American made but their appeal crosses borders and oceans.

The films include three from the 1980s and 1990s and one Japanese (“Rashomon”) which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and one French (“Hidden”) and three which were made before 1970 ( Vertigo, Touch of Evil, and Double Indemnity).

Interestingly, the list does not include any of The Godfather films and it includes only one film directed by Martin Scorsese. It does include a classic by the great British suspense/thriller director Alfred Hitchcock.

The top 10 in that order are 1. “Chinatown”, 2. “Touch of Evil”, 3. “Vertigo”, 4. “Badlands”, 5. “Rashomon”, 6. “Double Indemnity”, 7. “Get Carter”, 8. “Pulp Fiction”, 9. “Hidden”, and 10. “Goodfellas”.

There are a lot more great films in the genre that couldn’t make the list.


Pete Tong announces his new album

British born DJ Pete Tong is getting ready to release a new album. Tong, who works for BBC Radio 1 in the UK will be putting together a compiled sic of house music and classics in one disc, entitled The Pete Tong Collection.

The album will feature dance music from the last three decades with 60 of the leading tracks from that period being featured.

Tong, who hosts programmes such as Essential Mix and Essential Collection on the BBC, says that this is the right time to be releasing an album such as this.

“And remember where we were when we first heard these life-changing anthems. The music hasn’t gone away and its influences have only spread further, with the sound crossing over into almost any genre you’ll hear in 2013,” he told Resident Advisor.

Tong has his own record label FFRR Records and also performs in nightclubs and at music festivals across Europe.

The former resident of the Pacha Club in Ibiza is one of the most recognized DJ’s in Europe.


Top five music festivals to attend in October


Some great music festivals will be happening in the month of October and this is your guide to the top five ones to attend according to Resident Advisor.

The Amsterdam Dance Event takes place from October 16 – October 21 inAmsterdam. The line up will feature over 1,700 artists with acts such asObjektProsumerMathew JonsonRicardo VillalobosI-F, and Dave Clarke.

Number 2 on the list is the Unsound festival from October 13 – October 20 inKrakowPoland. Look out for the likes of White Material crew, Golden Pudel resident Helena Hauff and Anthony Naples onboard.

Head to Bristol in the UK on October 12 for the UK Bristol festival with its house music and bass; Over 60 acts line up there and look out for names like Nicolas Jaar and Moderat as well as Hyetal and Outboxx.

The Robot festival takes place in BolognaItaly from October 2 to 5 and is number 4 on the list. The festival will feature acts such as Cosmin TRGPantha Du PrinceSeth TroxlerTim Hecker, and Tropic Of Cancer.

Last but not least, from October 23 to 25 you can head to GrazAustria for theDom Im Berg festival where you will hear the sounds of PeverelistPowell,VakulaDelroy EdwardsXOSAR and Ron Morelli. With festivals spread out from week to week, you will be dancing all October long.


Psychemagik could become archivists

The UK duo Psychemagik (read here other news) are on the road to becoming real archivist by the looks of things.

The duo have been collecting some priceless pieces of music and selling their records to Soulwax and The Chemical Brothers.

According to group member Danny McLewin Soulwax is always looking for things to work with and are also very much into archives. The group has an extensive collection of styles of mixes and Psychemagik themselves are collectors of various styles of music.

Among their favourites? Italo, psych disco, and music from Bollywood. Electro is also in the bag.

And McLewin admits that he would like to become an archivist himself somewhere down the line if they collect enough records with great help from the Internet.

He has collected works from David Axelrod and Kenny Rankin. He has bought as many as seven of Rankin’s records.

“It really comes down to money”, says McLewin. “There have been albums I’ve spent years looking for and then when I find them it’s been overwhelming because you’ve been looking for so long”.

“I wouldn’t merit a record having more value because it’s rare, though. People do that but a dollar bin record is just as valid”.


Soundman Ray Dolby dies


American inventor and audio pioneer Ray Dolby (read here other news about Ray Dolby) known for Dolby surround sound and Dolby Digital stereo has died at the age of 80 at his home in San Francisco.

Dolby, who founded Dolby Laboratories, was diagnosed with acute leukemia earlier this year. He founded the Dolby company in 1965 and it became a leader in audio technology. Dolby was instrumental in such things as noise reduction and surround sound technology and also created a number of technologies which are very often still used in music, movies, and the entertainment industries.

The work Dolby did helped to reduce the hissing sound in cassette recordings and he also did work on “Star Wars”.

The inventor had 50 U.S. patents and he also claimed a number of awards for his work, including several Emmys, two Oscars and a Grammy.

Dolby was awarded the National Medal of Technology from President Clinton and he was also inducted into the US’s National Inventors Hall of Fame and the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineers.

Last year the theatre which stages the annual Academy Awards was renamed the Dolby Theatre. The Ray Dolby Ballroom was also named in his honor.


The Wanted goes on tour

the _wanted

British group The Wanted will be going on tour this summer. They will tourNorth America with “Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen.

The group will do a series of concerts in Las Vegas; Stanmere in the UK; MadridSpain; San DiegoArizonaDallasWindsorConnecticut, and New York.

Signs of their popularity in the US are already evident as they sold out Central Park in a concert on the morning current affairs show Good Morning Americaon August 23.

The group’s new album “Word of Mouth” is due to be released on September 16. The first single off the album “We Own the Night” was released worldwide on August 11.

The boy band, which was formed in 2009 released their first album The Wanted in October 2010 and peaked at number four on the UK charts.

The group first met with success in the USA and Canada in early 2012 hitting the top five in both countries with their single “Glad You Came”.

The group has its own reality series on E! Television entitled The Wanted Life. The series follows the group as they record their third album and prepare for this month’s tour.


British musicians on the rise

British musicians such as Adele and Calvin Harris have helped the country’s music revenues go past the £188m in royalties from overseas.

PRS for Music collects royalties from overseas on behalf of UK songwriters, composers, and music publishers and the body says the big hits from the two top performing British artists have helped push revenues.

In 2011 alone, UK songwriters and composers earned £187.7m. That was a 10% from 2010. The income earned overseas has also doubled over the last ten years.

Revenues are said to have increased within the last ten years primarily because of how popular British music is and because of improved licensing.

Harris and Adele are popular amongst American singers who have also asked them to write their songs.

Those include Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Amongst the biggest consumers of British music are Brazil and China.

British artists also show interest in the country by performing in Brazil since it was awarded the 2014 FIFA World Cup of Football and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Royalties received from online sales by UK songwriters, composers and music publishers have increased within the last few years and should double by the year 2022.


One Direction about to become two

One Direction band member Zayn Malik is to be married to a fellow musician. Twenty year old Malik this week proposed to another 20 year old – Perrie Edwards – of the group Little Mix.

The UK band One Direction premiered its film “This Is US” last Tuesday and Edwards was seen wearing a ring at the premiere in London. The singer’s mother Debbie Edwards has confirmed that the pair did become engaged a week ago.

The band’s label, Columbia Records, has also confirmed that the pair is to be wed, but added that any further detail about their relationship is considered private. Both One Direction and the female trip Little Mix were formed on the British talent programme “The X Factor”. Little Mix won the competition in 2011 while One Direction finished third in 2010.

Despite their runner-up placing, the group has topped music charts around the world. “This IS US” shows some of the pain of the popular boy-band’s mothers who have to buy cardboard cut-outs of their sons because they hardly ever get to see them.

The band have made as much as £640 million in one year alone between album sales and tours since they became famous. The bands five members are aged between 19 and 21.