Smurfs 2, tops in Uk


The Smurfs have painted the UK blue topping the box office with the sequel to their firstanimated film. Smurfs 2 topped the box office with £3.2 million pounds in its first weekend beating, The Heat and The Conjuring.

The debut was £500,000 short of the first Smurfs film in 2011. Monsters University andDespicable Me 2 are the other animated films still being shown in cinemas. The 3D family comedy film is loosely based on the Belgian comic characters and is the second of a planned trilogy.

In this sequel Smurfette is kidnapped and taken to Paris by the evil Gargamel and the rest of the Smurfs have to rush to save her. The cast of the Sony Pictures Animation film includesShaquille OnealKaty PerryChristina RicciJB Smoove, and Hank Azaria as Gargamel.

Pop star Britney Spears has contributed the song “Ooh la la” to the film’s soundtrack. Smurfs 2 was directed by Raja Gosnell as was the first Smurfs film. Gosnell is also on board to direct the third installation.

There is a Smurfs 2 game for Nintendo while Sony has teamed up with Build-A-Bear Workshop to release three customised limited edition stuffed animals of movie characters Vexy,Hackus, and Smurfette.


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