Fashion Trends 2014 in an Infographic by CircleMe

Are you curious to know what might be trending in fashion this Christmas season? Which brands will win the race for coolest and most wanted fashion brands of 2014? Well, just look inside CircleMe’s interest-graph!

Thanks to the activity that (many) thousands of users do periodically on the platform, expressing preferences and intentions to consume for millions of diverse interests, we were able to collect some of this data focusing on a very “trendy” (especially during the Christmas shopping season) topic, Fashion.

Identifying a pool of 10,000 active Circlers with an interest in Fashion (ranging from 20 to 40 years old and distributed globally), we were able to rank the top high-luxury, pret-a-porter, accessible-fashion and other popular fashion brands for overall popularity and also for trending popularity (considering the last 12 weeks of activities on CircleMe).

Some of the results are visible in this Infographic we developed. We hope you enjoy it and share it on the web. As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on this.

#bewhatyoulike … also when you dress up! 😉

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Trends in Fashion 2014 – Infographic by CircleMe (Nov.2014)


Lyon, capital of gastronomy

Lyon is a city in France somewhere between the major cities of Paris and Marseille. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its major landmarks and is also known as a gastronomic capital of France.

It is the home of cinematography which was developed there by the Lumiere brothers. The city is also home to the Festival of Lights. For those who like sport there is French Ligue 1 football in the Olympique Lyonnais club.

Some of the best sights in Lyon include the Pont Bonaparte, Pont Lafayette, Place Bellecour, Basilique de Notre Dame de Fourviere, Tour Metal, Saint Francis of Sales, Opera Nouvel, trompe d’oeil, African Museum of Lyon, and the Museum of Resistance and Deportation.

As a capital of gastronomy some important cuisine to the city includes the wine region. The Beaujolais and Cotes Du Rhone are important wines from the region. Charcuterie, saucisson de Lyon, coq au vin, gras double, marrons glaces, coussin de Lyon, and sabodet are some of the most famous dishes.

Some places to try the Lyonnais cuisine include the Archange, le Danton, Le Musee, and Glacier Terre Adelice.


Faro, beauty in the Algarve

Faro (read here other news) is the southernmost city in continental Portugal and is capital of the region known as the Algarve.

The city is located to the Ria Formosa Lagoon which is a nature reserve which serves as a landing point for hundreds of species of birds annually. The city’s beach is around 7 kilometres away and is on a long spit.

Among the city’s main sites are the statue of King Afonso III, Faro’s marina, Faro Cathedral, the old Carmo church, square, and the Civil government building. There is a 30,000 seater sports stadium

Of the events staged in Faro there is the Faro International Motorcycle Rally and a student’s festival in September of each year.

Like much of Portugal, Faro has a Mediterranean climate and enjoys warm to hot summers and generally mild winter temperatures.

The marine life provides a good opportunity for scuba diving while the Old Town is a must-see. The Le Marquis is rated as the top restaurant in the small city with lovely continental cuisine.

Faro is served by the Faro International Airport with flights from other main European cities such as London and Paris. The city is served by many low budget airlines.


Naomi Watts on her Princess Di role


Australian actress Naomi Watts, who is playing Britain’s Princess Diana in a new film, says she was so focussed on the interview the late princess did with Martin Bashir that she watched it as she worked out.

The biopic film entitled “Diana” will be released soon and Watts said she used the interview with Bashir on the BBC’s Panorama programme to help her fine-tune the Princess of Wales’ mannerisms.

The interview was first aired in 1995 and created much controversy at the time. During the now infamous interview Diana stated: “There were three people in this marriage” referring to Prince Charles’ relationship with now wife Camilla Parker Bowles.

Said Watts to Hello! Magazine: “I ran the Martin Bashir TV interview so often that it got to the point where I was watching it on my iPhone while I was out jogging. ”I had five minutes of her walk, five minutes of her wave, five minutes of her laugh that I’d watch again and again.”

The film will depict the final two years in the princess’s life just after her divorce from Prince Charles and just before she died in a car crash in Paris in August 1997. Watts recently walked out of an interview on BBC radio after becoming uncomfortable with the questions she was being asked about Diana.


Istanbul, East meets West

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the second largest in Europe. It was the capital of four separate empires throughout its history from its founding in the 6th century as Constantinople.

It was once the seat of the Roman, Byzantine, Latin, and Ottoman Empires. The city lies on the Strait of Bosphorus between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea with one part of the city in Europe and another in Asia.

The city’s historic and economic centres sit on the European side. It is further divided by a natural harbour known as the Golden Horn.

The city was the centre of Christianity for centuries until the rise of the Ottoman Empire when Islam took over. Today the city is still home to what was once one of the largest cathedrals in the world, later a mosque and now a museum– the Hagia Sophia.

The symbol of Istanbul may be the Topkapi Palace which was built after the fall of Constantinople. The city’s Grand Bazaar is also the largest covered market in the world.

The city has a borderline Mediterranean and humid sub-tropical climate but also has microclimates due to its vast size. Kebab is the most-well known of the city’s cuisine but it is also famous for its seafood.

The city was once famous for being the eastern terminus of the Orient Express from Paris. The city is still served by two international airports – the Istanbul Ataturk and the Sabiha Gokcen.


Washington DC

While it is true that Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States, it is a nice place to visit for the average tourist in its own right.

The city is cool and with an easy road network is one of the nicest cities to walk around in with chic neighbourhoods, trendy restaurants, and an entire section dedicated to American history on the National Mall.

It is also walking or a metro rides distance from the nearby states of Maryland and Virginia which both donated land to help form the district, named in honour of President George Washington, in 1791.

The city is in a humid sub-tropical zone and has four seasons with hot summers and cold winters.

The city has a distinctly European feel which is not surprising since it was designed based on plans of the cities of Paris, Karlsruhe, Amsterdam, and Milan.

Six of the buildings listed in the top ten of the American Institute of Architects are in Washington D.C. These include the White House; the US Capitol; Thomas Jefferson Memorial; Lincoln Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Historic buildings in the city have a varied style built in Queen Anne, Chateauesque, Romanesque, and Victorian styles.

Georgetown, the Smithsonian Institute with the National Air and Space Museum are also must sees. Across the Potomac River in Virginia is Arlington Memorial cemetery where former presidents including JFK are buried.


Smurfs 2, tops in Uk


The Smurfs have painted the UK blue topping the box office with the sequel to their firstanimated film. Smurfs 2 topped the box office with £3.2 million pounds in its first weekend beating, The Heat and The Conjuring.

The debut was £500,000 short of the first Smurfs film in 2011. Monsters University andDespicable Me 2 are the other animated films still being shown in cinemas. The 3D family comedy film is loosely based on the Belgian comic characters and is the second of a planned trilogy.

In this sequel Smurfette is kidnapped and taken to Paris by the evil Gargamel and the rest of the Smurfs have to rush to save her. The cast of the Sony Pictures Animation film includesShaquille OnealKaty PerryChristina RicciJB Smoove, and Hank Azaria as Gargamel.

Pop star Britney Spears has contributed the song “Ooh la la” to the film’s soundtrack. Smurfs 2 was directed by Raja Gosnell as was the first Smurfs film. Gosnell is also on board to direct the third installation.

There is a Smurfs 2 game for Nintendo while Sony has teamed up with Build-A-Bear Workshop to release three customised limited edition stuffed animals of movie characters Vexy,Hackus, and Smurfette.


Announcing CircleMe User Meet-ups in Rome and Paris!

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that some months ago, we organized two great CircleMe users’ meetups. The first one took place near our offices in London, whereas the second took place in our HQ in Milan. As these were great fun and we really enjoyed meeting our users, we’ve decided to organize two more CircleMe users’ meetups in two beautiful cities: Rome and Paris!

First CircleMe meetup in London


You can read all about the Rome meet-up here!

When we organised the meet-up in Milan, we realised that many of our users in Rome would have loved to attend, but it was too far 😦 So, we decided to organize a meet-up for them too! The meet-up in Rome will take place on the 9th of July. Are you interestested? Please email to get the address of the place where we’ll be meeting!


After the UK and Italy, France will be the third destination for our CircleMe meet-up! And having one of our biggest communities in France, we’re sure it will be a great success! This meet-up will take place in Paris on the 18th of July, 6:00 pm at:

19, avenue Victoria 75001 Paris
métro Châtelet (sortie Théâtre du Châtelet)

Why do we organise these meet-ups?

When we work on improving CircleMe, we don’t think about numbers: We work hard to create something great for people like you. For this reason, getting to know our real users is very important to us: We want to learn how you think we could improve CircleMe, but also get to know who our users are, which means that we might end up talking about anything like music, sports, politics… or anything you are passionate about! Obviously, there is no fee to attend the meet-up or anything like that! In fact, the earlier you join us, the more likely we’ll treat you to a drink 😉

If you are near Rome and Paris during those dates, please join us! It will be real fun!!