Walnut sauce – Italian Pasta Recipe – Part 3

This walnut sauce is the perfect topping for Italian pasta Pansotti.

How to make walnut sauce 

Walnut Sauce - Italian Recipe


10-15 shelled walnuts

1-2 clove garlic

2-3 slices of stale bread without crusts

1/2 lt. whole milk

1 coffee cup of cream

1 tea cup of grated Parmigiano or Grana Padano cheese

extra virgin Italian olive oil

freshly cut marjoram


white pepper

Put the stale bread in a bowl together with the milk and the cream.

Put the walnuts into a blender with the garlic, bread soaked in milk and cream, salt, white pepper, oil and marjoram. Blend everything until smooth, then add grated Parmigiano or Grana. Before using for the pasta, add a little water from the pansotti pot.


Pansotti Pasta Filling – Italian Pasta Recipe – Part 2

How to make pansotti filling

Pansotti Filling Ingredients


500 g ricotta cheese

1 kg boiled green vegetables: spinach, chard, borage (= 5 kg raw vegetables)

1-2 clove Italian garlic

freshly cut marjoram

extra virgin olive oil

2 eggs (optional)


white pepper

grated Parmigiano or Grana Padano cheese

Finely chop the garlic together with the marjoram and put them in a bowl with the boiled vegetables. Add the ricotta cheese, salt and white pepper and eggs (optional). Stir them with a ladle, then put everything in a food processor. Add grated Parmigiano or Grana at the end and stir again. Refrigerate until ready to use.


Italian Pasta Recipe: Ligurian Pansotti

As promised in this blog post, here you can find a recipe we learned during our team building week-end in Liguria!

How to make Ligurian Pansotti

Pansotti is a triangular shaped ravioli from Liguria filled with spinach, chard, borage (if you’re lucky enough to find it at your grocery shop!), garlic and fresh ricotta cheese.

Italian Pasta Recipe - Ligurian Pansotti

Pansotti were born in a small village near Rapallo called “San Martino di Noceto”. The word “Noceto” means walnut grove and this village had a very large production of walnuts. The word “Pansotto” comes from “pansa”, which means “belly” in the local dialect.


500 g semolina flour

500 g wheat flour (type 00)

28 g salt

8 eggs (yellow flesh type)

extra virgin olive oil

1/2 water glass of dry white wine

Mix together the two flours and the salt on a worktable and be sure to leave a hole in the middle, which is called “fontana” in italian.

Italian Recipe - Pansotti - how to mix the flour

There you will add the eggs, extra virgin olive oil and the white wine. Knead the dough for several minutes until you have a rough ball (not too smooth, if it makes “crumbs” it’s even better). Put the dough together with its crumbs in food film and let it rest in the fridge for at least three hours.

When you take it off it should be damp, even wet. Roll it first with the rolling pin, then divide it into pieces and run each piece through a pasta machine to make long sheets out of it. Divide each sheet into squares with a cutter.

Italian Recipe - How to make pansotti

Put the filling into a sac-à-poche (or simply a teaspoon, if you don’t have the sac-à-poche) and then put a tiny ball of it in the middle of each square, then close it to shape the “pansotto” . Seal the edges with still water.

Italian Recipe - How to make pansotti

Read how to make the walnut sauce and the filling!